Chris Evans and Ana De Armas OFFICIALLY DATING Confirmed According to Insider Sources

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas were recently seen on the Atlanta set of Ghosted, which is characterized as an action adventure romance in the spirit of Romancing the Stone. I adore it when Romancing the Stone is used to describe a project – there aren’t nearly enough of them, though The Lost City, starring … Read more

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr Having a MAJOR FIGHT, FUED EXPLAINED

The actor of Captain America, Chris Evans reminds the actor of Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. about the lingering feud of their character in the movie, Captain America: Civil War, in a hilarious way. Starting from founding the whole world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have seen them building up blockbuster movies together, one … Read more

Chris Evans and Selena Gomez Relationship Timeline Explained

Introduction People love to gossip, especially gossip about relationships. And when those gossips concern the two most popular celebrities of all time, things spice up even more. Just like that, the dating rumors about the actor of Captain America, Chris Evans, and singer Selena Gomez has done their job well, setting the internet on fire. … Read more

Doctor Strange 2 Official Trailer brings back Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Gives first look at MCU’s Human Torch

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Selena Gomez DEVASTATED after Chris Evans and Alba Baptista CHEATING RUMORS

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Chris Evans is DATING Warrior Nun star Alba Baptista, DATING Rumors with Selena Gomez DEBUNKED

Yeah, you heard it right, Chris Evans is finally dating someone, and guess what, it is not Selena Gomez! The rumors were not true. Our renowned Captain America might be in a relationship with Alba Baptista. Well, this is also a rumor but guess what the rumor has chances to be true. Either Alba Baptista … Read more

Fans REACT to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newest Project ‘Zeus’ Poster Drop

Arnold Schwarzenegger is working on a mystery project. Recently the poster of the same project was released and it was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger is playing the role of Zeus. Let’s read more details about his mystery project in this article.  Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised his fans with the look of Zeus in a new poster. … Read more