Selena Gomez FURIOUS at Chris Evans for CHEATING SCANDAL with Alba Baptista

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are again on our radar! As per the latest rumors out there, Chris Evans is dating Alba Baptista! They have recently started following one another on Instagram. They will surely look adorable together! But are the two really dating one another? Moreover, some sources even think Selena Gomez is jealous … Read more

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas OFFICIALLY DATING Confirmed According to Insider Sources

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas were recently seen on the Atlanta set of Ghosted, which is characterized as an action adventure romance in the spirit of Romancing the Stone. I adore it when Romancing the Stone is used to describe a project – there aren’t nearly enough of them, though The Lost City, starring … Read more

Selena Gomez DEVASTATED after Chris Evans and Alba Baptista CHEATING RUMORS

Is Selena Gomez disturbed over the latest relationship rumors of Chris Evans? Recently, some sources have suspected an unusual movement in the Instagram account of Alba Baptista. Either the actress is stalking Chris Evans or she is definitely in love with Captain America. Well, after Selena Gomez, Alba Baptista has been on our radar. A … Read more

Chris Evans is DATING Warrior Nun star Alba Baptista, DATING Rumors with Selena Gomez DEBUNKED

Yeah, you heard it right, Chris Evans is finally dating someone, and guess what, it is not Selena Gomez! The rumors were not true. Our renowned Captain America might be in a relationship with Alba Baptista. Well, this is also a rumor but guess what the rumor has chances to be true. Either Alba Baptista … Read more