Selena Gomez DEVASTATED after Chris Evans and Alba Baptista CHEATING RUMORS

Is Selena Gomez disturbed over the latest relationship rumors of Chris Evans? Recently, some sources have suspected an unusual movement in the Instagram account of Alba Baptista. Either the actress is stalking Chris Evans or she is definitely in love with Captain America. Well, after Selena Gomez, Alba Baptista has been on our radar. A few months back we were hearing a lot of rumors claiming Chris Evans is dating Selena Gomez. Chris has been single for a few months. Looks like his fans are dying to see the star in love. We can’t wait to see Chris’s new girlfriend. Amid all of this chaos, some sources are claiming Selena is not happy over Chris and Alba’s relationship! Well, to know the truth behind it, stay tuned with us, just right here.

Chris Evans Cheated On Selena Gomez? He Is Now Dating Alba Baptista? Are The Rumors Really True?

Some sources still think something was cooking up between Chris Evans and Selena Gomez. The rumors are just not ready to turn down. Fans are thinking Chris has cheated on Selena Gomez. In fact, her recent collab with Coldplay is also getting linked with the rumor. Let me just tell you right here, the rumors are just fan-based theories. Both Chris and Selena have been silent on their relationship rumors. They are surely not dating each other.

On the other hand of the tale, Chris’s name has once again come up in our dating arena. This time it is not Selena Gomez, but Alba Baptista. Recently, Alba had started following our beloved Captain America. That’s not all but looks like the actress has got an eye on the whole Evans family. She follows Chris’ whole family. Some sources even say the two have been spotted together. Not only that, but some people claim the two had spent Christmas vacation together? Alba was spotted in Chris’ backyard? Well, Chris is silent on these rumors as well. Alba has also not denied any of the rumors out there.

Selena Gomez’s Perspective On Love- Know Everything About It, Just Down Here!

Selena Gomez has surely gone through a lot in her past life. She was seen in a depressed state. But with time, we saw a better version of the singer. It was surely a bad phase for her. For a few years, she was battling out her mental health. Thank god, the world sensation is back on track. She has a very different perspective towards love. She wants to be with someone who will truly love and cherish her. She has been single for the past 5 years. Still, in interviews, her relationship status happens to be single.

Selena has recently reunited with the renowned band, Coldplay. Fans just can’t get over their new album, namely, “Let Somebody Go”. The song is hitting millions. The listeners are loving their collab. The song is beautifully written down. If you still haven’t checked the album, then what are you waiting for? Surely check it out on YouTube and Spotify. That’s all for now, to get more such updates on the latest celebrity gossip, stay connected with us, just right here.

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