Ezra Miller as The Flash is here to stay and will probably be the only remaining member of the Snyderverse

The Flash is the most powerful superhero in DC. He has the power of superspeed and he can travel through time. Ezra Miller had played the role of Flash in Snyderverse. Now his solo movie The Flash is coming in theatres on  June 2023. The Flash movie is going to be Multiversal as we will … Read more

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez expressed their feelings on having a child together

We are here to drop a big relationship controversy that has been running throughout stating that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have expressed their feelings about having a child. The relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez has stood out to be an ideal one at a time. Mentioning the part that the couple has … Read more

Batgirl Sequel Confirmed by Leslie Grace ahead of the launch of the first part

The DC has now looking for a great year. At the beginning of the year, The Batman shines and was a great success at the worldwide box office. Many other DC films are going to release in recent months is Black Adam and the DC League of Superpets which is an animated movie. The Batgirl … Read more

Thanos actor Josh Brolin almost played Batman in the Snyderverse and wishes to play an Older Batman in the future

We are here to share the big controversy as Josh Brolin expressed his thoughts on playing the Batman as he was almost in the role in Batman Vs Superman and the fans are finding it totally big. Josh Brolin had a wonderful career at the time and the personality is famously known for his role … Read more

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Wedding is Inevitable this time as they get engaged after 2 decades of original split

Some of the big relationship controversies are making headlines at the time and the drama of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is not looking for a pause anytime soon. The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck took a drastic turn at the time and the drama has not been looking for an end anytime … Read more

Robert Pattinson vs Ben Affleck – Whom Will WB Choose as Batman for Future DCEU Projects?

On 4th March 2022, WB and DCEU released The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. The film is good as they create a whole new story of Batman. Ben Affleck is one of the greatest actors in the world he also played Batman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, etc. He was last seen … Read more

Robert Pattinson CAMEO LEAKED with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck in The Flash

As we know that Michael Keaton‘s and Ben Affleck‘s Batman is returning in the Flash movie a rumor is also coming that Robert Pattinson‘s Batman is also coming in the Flash movie. The Flash movie is going to release in June 2023 in the trailer we are quietly teased that Michael Keaton’s Batman is returning … Read more