Chris Evans and Ana De Armas OFFICIALLY DATING Confirmed According to Insider Sources

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas were recently seen on the Atlanta set of Ghosted, which is characterized as an action adventure romance in the spirit of Romancing the Stone. I adore it when Romancing the Stone is used to describe a project – there aren’t nearly enough of them, though The Lost City, starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt, will be released in a few weeks.

Ana and Chris aren’t the only ones who will be sharing the screen in the near future. The two will also appear together in the upcoming spy thriller The Gray Man, which is set to hit theatres in July 2022.

The other thing about Romancing the Stone that makes me giggle is that, well, I’m not sure the reference makes sense to anyone under the age of 30. Maybe not even under the age of 40. There will be a generation, if not two, that will look to The Lost City and Ghosted as their main sources of inspiration for this film genre. Ana and Chris are roughly the same age that Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas were when they did their film, which is interesting (or maybe just to me).

Scarlett Johansson was originally cast opposite Chris in this project. Ana stepped in when Scarlett dropped out, and while Chris hasn’t worked with Ana as much as he has with Scarlett, the two have already worked together in Knives Out and last year on the Russo Brothers’ highly anticipated The Gray Man, reportedly the most expensive feature film on Netflix and set to release in July.

For a long time, I’m pretty sure there’s been a pretty active area of the internet shipping a Chris-Ana real-life romance. Ana was dating Paul Boukadakis, a VP at Tinder, at the time of our previous check. They were photographed kissing in Los Angeles in December…roughly two months ago, and before she and Chris began filming Ghosted. So now that she and Chris are together every day, those seeking to Gossip Genie them together could have a chance. And the tabloids, who are always up for some on-set romance rumour mongering, do as well. It’ll most likely happen again when the two begin marketing the film and appear together on the red carpet.

Fans have been immersed in Chris and Ana’s love lives in addition to their movies. Since her breakup from Ben Affleck, when he reconciled with Jennifer Lopez, fans have been monitoring The Night Clerk star’s dating status. Ana was “enjoying her time” with CEO Paul Boukadakis, a source close to her told HollywoodLife in June. Following allegations that Chris was romantically linked to other Hollywood stars, fans have begun to assume that he was romantically linked to actress Alba Baptista.


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