Chris Evans is DATING Warrior Nun star Alba Baptista, DATING Rumors with Selena Gomez DEBUNKED

Yeah, you heard it right, Chris Evans is finally dating someone, and guess what, it is not Selena Gomez! The rumors were not true. Our renowned Captain America might be in a relationship with Alba Baptista. Well, this is also a rumor but guess what the rumor has chances to be true. Either Alba Baptista is a root core fan of Chris or she is definitely stalking Chris to every bit. Most fans were not believing the rumors about Chris and Selena’s relationship. But this time, fans are quite confident that Chris is dating Alba Baptista. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Chris Evans Is Dating Alba Baptista? Are The Rumours True?

Recently, fans have noticed an unusual move in Alba Baptista’s Instagram account. The Warrior Nun lead actress has started following Chris Evans. You might be thinking there is nothing new about this, after all, Chris Evans is followed by almost everyone out there. But Alba Baptista not only follows Chris Evans but also his whole family. Yes, the actress follows the whole Evans family.

Initially, two years back, during fall 2020, Chris started following Alba on her Instagram handle. That time the actress was too busy to follow him back. But guess what last year, during summer 2021, the actress followed him back. Alba also follows Scott Evans and his girlfriend’s account. That’s not all, Scott Evans’ dogs are also on Instagram. Yes, you are right, Alba Baptista follows them too. There must be a reason behind this.

The tale doesn’t end here, some also believe their chemistry started in Europe. Well, back in June 2021, the two were filming for their respective projects in Europe. Chris was busy with his Netflix movie, The Gray Man. Meanwhile, Alba was all caught up with Warrior Nun Season 2. A few months back Alba released a few photos from her New Year Eve celebration in Los Angeles, fans suspect the picture is from Chris Evans’ backyard.

Has Chris Evans Replied To The Rumours Out There? Who is Chris Evans Dating?

Chris Evans is still silent about the rumors. As per our inner sources, Chris Evans’s relationship status is still set on single mode. Chris Evans’ serious relationship dates back to 2016 when he was involved with the very gorgeous, Jenny Slate. Back in 2020, he was spotted with Lily James. In fact, both had spent most of the summer together. But when the two were asked about it, both denied their dating chemistry.

Chris Evans is currently not dating anyone. Chris has always been private about his personal and love life. On the other hand, Alba Baptista has also not denied the rumors out there but just like Chris, currently, she is also single. We will update you more about this, as soon as we find some new information about Chris Evans’ private love life. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on renowned celebrities, stay connected with us, just right here.

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