Kim Kardashian wants Julia Fox DESTROYED for STEALING Kanye West from Her


The most debated separation of the last year is known to all of us. After a decade of knowing each other and spending life under one single roof, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took a decision to part their ways a while back. The news of their separation shook the base of the whole Hollywood industry. As of now, they both are going out with two different celebrities. As we all have known, Kanye West has tried almost everything to get back with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. But her actions that she doesn’t want to change the decision of spitting that they took. Kim Kardashian is currently seeing Pete Davidson. On the other hand, Kanye West was recently seen with another celebrity Julia Fox. So, what happened in the lives of Kanye and Kim? And what’s going on now?

What Happened Between Kanye and Kim?

The past year was kind of rough for both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They were married to each other for 7 long years. But last year they took the decision to end their marriage. Although Kanye tried to get back on good terms with his wife, things didn’t work out as he wanted and Kim filed a divorce. Both Kanye and Kim have taken the decision to mutually parent their children. So, seems like it is the end for both of them!

Both Kanye and Kim had known one another for over a decade now. So, when the news of their separation was revealed, it gave quite a shock to the whole Hollywood industry. The insiders had revealed that even when they weren’t officially separated, they weren’t living together. They both had realized by then that their marriage is reaching a bitter point as the days went by. So, Kim took the initiative and ended their marriage once and for all.

Is Kim Kardashian Jealous of Kanye and Julia?

As the reports show, Kim Kardashian is currently going out with Pete Davidson. And for Kanye West, he was also seen with another Celebrity Julia Fox. So, it seems like both Kim and Kanye was moved on from their past and enjoyed the company of their new partners. But are they really okay with seeing each other with new partners? Or is this just an attempt to make each other jealous by showing off their newly found love?

The recent reports say that Kanye has arranged an exotic suite for Julia which was filled with dresses for her. She was quite impressed by that move of Kanye. In a recent interview, when Kim Kardashian was asked bout the relationship between Kanye and Julia, she revealed that it’s nothing serious. Kanye is just going around showing off his new partner to make Kim Jealous. She also added that she doesn’t care about it that much. So, it seems like all the attempts of Kanye to make his ex-wife Jealous are not going so well. Kim is not giving her attention to what Kanye is doing when she is not with him. Look like Kim has made her mind about moving on from Kanye and nobody, not even his ex-husband can drag her down now.

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