Will Smith is ANGRY at Jaden Smith for BEING GAY and DATING Tyler the Creator

Jaden Smith is the son of the actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. He is also popularly known as The Karate Kid star. Back when he did a role with Jackie Chan in the movie The Karate Kid. Recently in an award show when Jaden Smith was on the Stage he told everyone that Tyler the creator is his f*cking Boyfriend and Tyler who was also present at the event just laughed at it when Jaden smith said that. So, the big question that comes to everyone’s mind is that “Is Jaden Smith Gay?”

Now after the award show, Jaden Smith took to Twitter to tweet about that you won’t tell anybody so I told everybody that you’re my boyfriend, and Tyler the creator responded to that saying “You crazy f*cking ni**a.”

But Tyler the creator never denied it and just jokingly accepted that. As of now Jaden Smith and Tyler the creator are good friends and spend time with each other and like to mess with each other.

But when it comes to Jaden Smith he has been open like a fluid that flows any way it wants. Jaden Smith has never confirmed his sexuality but he has given many hints he might be Gay or something other than that. This is also okay as this is 2022 and people have the right to be what they want to be and what they’re comfortable with. But When it comes to parents looks like Jaden Smith is not supported by his father Will Smith and he is angry at him for being so open about this kind of thing. They Him Open about dating Tyler The Creator.

Earlier a few years back Will Smith started showing how he feels about his son and in an interview he also told that he thinks Jaden is stupid because he doesn’t know how to keep things secret in his life. When it comes to supporting Will Smith is not the one. Now coming to Tyler the Creator no one knows if he is Gay or not. But Tylor the creator has been dropping hints from the last few years about it and seems like nobody cares about it whether he is Gay or not.

Referring to Leonardo DiCaprio in a 2015 Rolling Stone interview he said he “100% would go gay for ’96 Leo”, and he once posted a picture of the actor from recent Romeo + Juliet with the words “yes boyfriend yes.”


Tylor The creator and Jaden Smith have been long friends with each other now and many fans believe that there is something between them but are not yet just ready to talk about it while Jaden Smith is someone who will open up about it eventually first that how he does things. Also, Jaden Smith and Tyler are Close enough so one misunderstand it for other things also.


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