Amber Heard GETTING FIRED from Aquaman 2 and REPLACED by Emilia Clarke After Johnny Depp Abuse Scandal, Rumor Explained

We all know what happened between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Their divorce case is not new to us. The allegations, the accusations, the trauma, the lying, we all are aware of their feud! Their case is still stretching. Johnny Depp lost his position from the DC franchise. He has gone through a lot! Over … Read more

Lisa Bonet HATES Amber Heard and WANT REVENGE for Jason Momoa Break Up

Is Lisa Bonet really angry on Amber Heard? Recently, we heard about the biggest split of the industry. Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa are not together anymore! The couple has decided to go on their separate ways. They have been together for a decade. Their split was a huge shock for their fans. We still … Read more

Lisa Bonet Wants REVENGE on Amber Heard for STEALING Jason Momoa from Her

Introduction The wife of Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet wants revenge on Amber Heard as she thinks that she is attempting to take her husband away from her. She wants Amber Heard to stay away from her husband Jason Momoa. As we all know, Lisa Bonet has never shown any kind of grudge or has never … Read more