Who is Jason Momoa Dating now after splitting from Lisa Bonet?

Jason Momoa was apparently seen with a secret lady despite the fact that reports recommend that the ‘Cosby Show’ star and his alienated spouse, Lisa Bonet, are attempting to accommodate. Jason Momoa was apparently seen with a secret lady despite the fact that reports recommend that the ‘Cosby Show’ star and his alienated spouse, Lisa … Read more

Zoe Kravitz ANGRY at Mom Lisa Bonet for CHEATING ON Jason Momoa

The big relationship controversy is running over the period of time as Zoe Kravitz is holding an up and down relationship with her mom currently. She has played the role of Catwoman brilliantly in the all-new movie The Batman and though the actress is also being considered as another reason for success behind the title … Read more

Amber Heard DYING in Aquaman 2 and GETTING REPLACE by Emilia Clarke CONFIRMED by PLOT LEAK

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Jason Momoa, Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz attend The Batman Premiere together while Lisa Bonet arrived separately

We all know Zoë Kravitz is starring in The Batman. Recently, she was captured in the promotion event. Jason Momoa came to the premiere as well. As per rumors, Lisa Bonet has also attended the event! But is it really true? We all know they have decided to go on their separate ways. The exact … Read more

Jason Momoa REVEALED the Actual Reason of his Split from Lisa Bonet and it’s not Amber Heard

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have decided to end their 4-year long marriage. The broken couple has announced publicly their separation decision. Fans are obviously upset over this announcement and blaming Amber Heard for the split. They have been together for a decade and we were looking to see more of them. But looks like … Read more

Jason Momoa MOVED IN WITH Emilia Clarke after Lisa Bonet KICKED HIM OUT of the House

The rumors are just not ready to calm down. Earlier we were hearing Emilia Clarke was dating Jason Momoa after splitting within Lisa Bonet. Guess what, we have a new rumor on our list today, some are claiming Jason Momoa has moved in with Emilia Clarke. Fans are really disappointed over Jason and Lisa’s split. … Read more

Lisa Bonet HATES Amber Heard and WANT REVENGE for Jason Momoa Break Up

Is Lisa Bonet really angry on Amber Heard? Recently, we heard about the biggest split of the industry. Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa are not together anymore! The couple has decided to go on their separate ways. They have been together for a decade. Their split was a huge shock for their fans. We still … Read more

Amber Heard CAUSED Jason Momoa to BREAK UP with Lisa Bonet, Insider Sources Reveal

One of the most loved couples of Hollywood, Lisa Bonet, and Jason Momoa, ended their marriage last month. The couple informed their fans about this sad news through Instagram. This news was a shock for the couple’s fans. They were always considered as an ideal couple but things were not well between the two. Fans … Read more