Secret Invasion Plot Leaked and Storyline Explained

Secret Invasion Title Art

Marvel Studios Secret Invasion is going to be one of the massive series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This series will show our favorite character Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Nick Fury has done an important role throughout the infinity saga and this will be his first appearance in phase 4 of the Marvel … Read more

See Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke REPLACE Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman 2 in Stunning Fan Art

We are here to put attention to the surfacing news on the internet which is running around as Emilia Clarke is the favorite to play the role of Mera in Aquaman 2. DC’s biggest project is on its way as the sequel of Aquaman has been the most awaited one for the fans and it … Read more

Amber Heard DYING in Aquaman 2 and GETTING REPLACE by Emilia Clarke CONFIRMED by PLOT LEAK

Is Emilia Clarke replacing Amber Heard in the Aquaman sequel? Is she there in Aquaman 2? Are the rumors true? Well, that’s a huge rumor out there. Emilia Clarke is still silent on the rumors out there. But we are hoping to hear from her really soon. Amber Heard is still on the cast list. … Read more

Amber Heard GETTING FIRED from Aquaman 2 and REPLACED by Emilia Clarke After Johnny Depp Abuse Scandal, Rumor Explained

We all know what happened between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Their divorce case is not new to us. The allegations, the accusations, the trauma, the lying, we all are aware of their feud! Their case is still stretching. Johnny Depp lost his position from the DC franchise. He has gone through a lot! Over … Read more

Jason Momoa MOVED IN WITH Emilia Clarke after Lisa Bonet KICKED HIM OUT of the House

The rumors are just not ready to calm down. Earlier we were hearing Emilia Clarke was dating Jason Momoa after splitting within Lisa Bonet. Guess what, we have a new rumor on our list today, some are claiming Jason Momoa has moved in with Emilia Clarke. Fans are really disappointed over Jason and Lisa’s split. … Read more

Emilia Clarke SECRETLY DATING Jason Momoa After He DUMPED Lisa Bonet, Rumor Explained

A few weeks back, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet released a joint statement on their Instagram handle. The couple has decided to go on their separate ways. It was a sudden shock for the industry. The reason behind their split wasn’t known to anyone. But looks like Emilia Clarke has a strong role to play … Read more

Jason Momoa SECRETLY DATING Emilia Clarke after DUMPING Lisa Bonet

Jason Momoa gave the biggest entry of 2022 by announcing his divorce from his wife Lisa Bonet and this was the first couple who announced their separation in 2021 we saw many other couples who parted away with each other. While Jason Momoa took to the Instagram post to explain his separation from Lisa Bonet … Read more