Solo Leveling Anime Release Date, Expected Plot and Where to Watch

Since the release of Solo Leveling, it has emerged as one of the most successful manhwas of all time. The storyline and representation have made a separate place in the hearts of fans. Currently, it is the most read Webtoons available on the Internet. And now, the fans are very excited to know that Solo Leveling Anime

The first volume of the Manhwa concluded in March 2020 and comprises a total of 110 Chapters. The show was a massive hit and therefore, by August 2021, the makers premiered its second volume. There are now a total of 180 chapters of the manhwa and it has been rated 8.76 out of 10 scores by three 330,000+ users.

The fans are super crazy as well as excited about Solo Leveling Anime. The franchise has even got a petition from fans requesting to have its anime adaptation. Out of 500,000 required requests, more than 200,000 requests have already been submitted. Let’s check the inside details of the release date and expected plot of the highly-anticipated anime-adopted Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling Anime

What is Manhwa?

Manhwa is a South Korean term that refers to their comics and print cartoons. It has been part of South Korean culture and now has reached many other countries. People confuse it for ‘Manhua’ which is the term for Chinese comics. But these both are different like Japan has anime and manga comics.

These comics can be accessed worldwide through Webtoons and for a long time, have been adapted into many movies and television shows. With the anime adaptation of Tower of God surfacing the market, fans have shown immense love and craze for Manhwa novels and comics. That’s the reason behind people expecting the fantastic story of Solo Leveling to come as an anime from Manhwa soon.

Trailer & Expected Plot of Solo Leveling

The trailer has created a buzz in the anime market where several fanbases have gathered to share their highly positive reviews, adding tons of support to the hype of Solo Leveling Anime.

The story of Solo Leveling Anime is centrally portrayed by Sung Jin-Woo. According to the plot, monsters have begun to enter the planet Earth through portals. The duty of cleaning and closing these portals is given to Hunters who have obtained mysterious powers after the invasion and are now working in several guilds to protect the Earth. Their goal can be accomplished by defeating the final boss.

The defeat of hunters will leave the portals open, allowing monsters to enter the Earth and slaughter humans. The protagonist Sung Jin-Woo is the weakest hunter you can expect in a team of heroes but one day, he completes a quest in a terrifying dungeon and achieves a unique ability to ‘level up’ and become a player.

This unique ability can be regarded as his only way to achieve his goals and become the most powerful hunter Earth has ever witnessed. The story marks his journey of fighting and defeating monsters, overcoming every difficulty in the path of saving Earth. Will he succeed in becoming the most powerful with this new ability? Will he be the Saviour of the Earth?

Solo Leveling Anime: Release Date & Where to Watch

Fans are craving to get the announcement of Solo Leveling Anime. The trailer to the same has been released by Webtoons and its official theme song has also aired amongst the fanbase. Sadly, no official news has surfaced in the market till now about the release even after full-on promotions of it happening.

Solo Leveling is ranked #1 in the top manhwa list Myanimelist website. If the anime is announced within the next 6 months, fans can expect its premiere in late 2022 or early 2023. Many credible websites have stated the premiere of Solo Leveling Anime can be expected in March of 2023. The production may supposedly take 6 months after the official announcement to bring the show to the screens.

Many fans previously believed that the chances of Solo Leveling Anime are low because manhwa portrays Japan with a negative image, which the Japanese production companies will never want. The huge fanbase had even started a petition asking Netflix to make manhwa an anime. More than 200,000 signatures have been collected up to now out of the required 500,000 for Netflix and other productions to consider the petition.

We are hoping that the fans get satisfied and their cravings are fulfilled by either Netflix or any Japanese production house and they succeed in their mission of bringing Solo Leveling as an anime. Fans can expect the anime series to be available to watch on platforms like Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

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