Chris Martin DEVASTATED after Dakota Johnson CALLED OFF THEIR WEDDING, Insane Rumor Explained

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have been together for more than fours years now. Their dating rumours started when they decided to get away for a trip in 2017 and the two were spotted having a cosy time with each other and from there on they didn’t reveal anything about their relationship that they were dating or not. But with time they slowly let the public let know about their relationship and then both had several interviews and where they talked about how they love each other and are made for each other. The couple has been going strong for so long and it became to be infected with rumours such as Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin breaking up with each other and how they are very sad that it didn’t work out between them.

But the couple has never said anything about the rumours and also they are a perfect example of how news shouldn’t affect you in any way. The latest rumour was that Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have been engaged to each other as Chris Martin has decided that he wants to be married and cannot wait any longer and Dakota johnson has also said yes to his proposal.

Now fans have are almost they are engaged and they might be getting married in 2022 the couple still haven’t made any official announcement regarding that. While recently when Chris Martin was in one of his shows and where he told in front of everyone how Dakota Johnson is his Universe and then started singing one of the songs for her. While they are ready to move onto the next stage of their life and finally be getting married in 2022 possibly but they are still not left by the rumours spreading about their relationship.

Current rumours are just not about them breaking up but also about how Chris Martin prosed to Dakota Johnson and she has turned him down due to the following reasons and Chris Martin is devasted by it. The possible explanation behind this rumour was that Chris Martin is already having kids with his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow and he is rushing up Dakota Johnson also to be married to him and so they to can start a family. while Dakkota Johson is still early and making her career she is still not ready to move into that phase yet and because of that got into a heated argument and where they were shouting and being aggressive with each other and after they both released that is no conclusion to the problem and then took a time out and went separated ways to cool their mind off.

While the rumours are just new and could be the truth but don’t mean that they are not together they’re still by each other side and still have been hanging out with each other. Maybe they have decided to put off the topic for some time or completely have taken a decision no one knows. But this could be a baseless rumour which will disappear with time.


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