Julia Fox Claims her RELATIONSHIP with Kanye West is a correction of their Past Mistakes

Kanye West a great rapper and richest black person is now dating Julia Fox mostly known for UNCUT GEMS. Kanye West’s dating history is quite long whereas Julia Fox has shared a son with Peter Artemiev till now and they broke up badly when Julia Fox accused her husband with an allegation of being, “deadbeat alcoholic”. Now the fresh news is that both Julia Fox and Kanye West are dating and they both confirmed it. But interesting thing is that it was just 2 or 3 dates that bonded them from nothing to everything. So be with this article to know how, where, when, and all that you should know.

When and How Kanye West And Julia Fox come in light as together?

Kanye and Julia have confirmed their budding romance together with the world after just New year. They shared their PDA heavy pics which were published in an interview interestingly. Not only this but also their other intimate and kissing photos were also revealed.

Julia Fox further letting all know about their relationship talked in detail. She wrote for any publication quote, “I met Kanye West on new year’s eve and it was an instant connection” she added, “his energy is so fun to be around. He had me and my friends enjoying and smiling all night. As confirmed Fox was very happy and excited to be there and they are many times going out after. In an interview, she wrote, “Everything with us has been so organic. I don’t know where things are headed but if this is any indication of the future, I’m loving the ride”.

They both joined by Madonna Floyd Mayweather and Ashley Simpson’s husband even ross who later took to Instagram to share photos and videos of the star-studded get together Their romance has confirmed first by page six on January 3rd when insider sources exclusively told the outlet that Julia and Kanye are dating each other.

Now if we talking about Kanye and Julia then we can ignore the matter of Kim Kardashian. Who is She? She is the ex-wife of Kanye and they shared 4 children. She is not only connected to Kanye but the interesting thing is that Kanye’s recent girlfriend is a fan of Kim Kardashian. So, her point of view about both Kanye and Julia must matter.

Is Kim feeling jealous about Kanye and Julia’s relationship as Ye’s ex-wife?

Being ex-wife of Kanye West she should have a strong opening but she not coming out with that. But after her replacement, she reacted because in place of her a fan as Kim 2.0 took her job and that fan is nobody but Julia Fox new girlfriend of Kim Kardashian. And this is also not liked by her fans as, fans are slamming Julia’s imitation of Kim Kardashian, from signature to dressing style during fashion shows.

Now Kim can easily express her bothered feeling to target her ex-husband, Kanye romance, and recent photoshoot on the behalf of her replacement. But as per reports, Kim knows that is not serious and she just wants to make sure that her children live a happy life. Take a look. Also according to resources, she is having fun with her family and recently has celebrated her child’s birthday without letting Kanye West. She is well busy with her personal life and her recent boyfriend Pete Davidson. Take a look.

These are all according to her statement but what in her mind we can’t say as recently she doesn’t let Kanye West for one of her child’s birthday location and this himself Kanye confirmed. So, If she doesn’t have any issues why doesn’t she call her children father on an occasion for good. Maybe there can be other reasons but what Kanye confirmed within media made her angry about this. Hope things will get better soon as in this film industry nothing fix forever.


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