Imposters Season 3 Renewed? Will Maddie Return To Steal Our Hearts?


Ever Got your heart stolen by anybody? Now think about stealing everything along with your heart. Getting interesting huh? keep that feel coming and start watching “Imposters” if you really wanna know about this kind of dark comedy. The first season of the show was broadcasted on Bravo Cable Network on 7th February 2017 and was originally announced in 2015 as “My So-Called wife.” the series follows an imposter Maddie, starred by Inbar Lavi, who gets involved in relationships with men and women before leaving them “used and robbed of everything – including their hearts.” And now the fans are looking forward to Imposter Season 3.


As the day goes by the fanbase of this series gets bigger and as the fans discovering Imposters, the only question that pops up in their head after a certain time is “So… what’s next?” thus the hour of waiting starts for Imposters season 3.

After announcing a second season just after concluding the first one Imposters season 2 was aired on BCN on 5th April 2018 and BOOM! the show got canceled after that. Means no Imposters season 3 for you 🙂 (for now at least)


So… Now that we know that there won’t be any Imposters season 3, but that doesn’t appear to resist the fans lose interest in the series. In every few months, we can see they are running a campaign on Twitter, asking for Bravo or any other network to take over the Show and release the third season. Because why not? there’s too much story left to cover and too many holes to fill up and of course, too many fans to satisfy. So if the driving force is sufficient enough we may be able to see Imposters season 3 happening. But if it does become true as we can see from previous seasons, it’ll take at least 1 or 2 years to finalize itself. Or more as all productions for all shows are moving in a much-delayed manner due to COVID. So suppose we go to bed tonight and tomorrow morning we see some almighty being has taken over the show and revived it, then we can expect to see season 3 at the end of 2021 to at the middle of 2023 and as per the record, Netflix subscribers might just be lucky as it’s much possible for Imposters season 3 to be released on Netflix.


Now, keeping aside the fact that Imposters season 3 doesn’t have much chance to be revived, if it does happen, then which faces are we gonna see again? Well… you can expect a lot of faces from the last two seasons, like  Inbar Lavi, who is starring in the upcoming seasons of Lucifer. It’s also expected to see Rob Heaps, Parker Young, Marianne Rendón, Stephen Bishop, Brian Benben, and Katherine LaNasa reprising their own roles.


We do not have the Imposters trailer for season 3 as it’s not even revived yet. If it is updated for the third season, we will surely share the trailer with you.

Stay tuned for more stories about Imposters and the future of the show. If you are missing out on Imposters right now, we highly recommend you watch the Netflix program, Lucifer. It’s not much different, but Lavi’s stars individually, and I think fans will appreciate the things the shows have in common.

The season of Lucifer 5 part 2 is coming to Netflix soon.

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