James Corden Getting FIRED & REMOVED from Wicked after RACIST STATEMENT About BTS

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James Corden, the presenter of The Late Late Show, has angered BTS Army with his latest remarks about the boy group’s tour to the United Nations. The K-pop group paid a momentous appearance to the United Nations General Assembly, where they played and delivered a statement on changing climatic conditions and the need for youth to comprehend it. The popular band also enacted their new song Permission To Dance, in front of various politicians as well as other members present there. James Corden mocked this trip and also made certain remarks which were criticized by the BTS fans.

The ARMY turned to Twitter to voice their displeasure with BTS fans being referred to as “15-year-olds” and “strange guests.” After receiving feedback, the TV broadcaster has already erased the footage. BTS is referred to as one of the leading youth stars, their visit to the UN highlighted issues they faced due to the ongoing COVID epidemic and what responsibility youngsters hold to improve the situation. The group had earlier in the UN to have a talk on the Love Myself Campaign in the year 2017.

By alluding to BTS’ audience as “15-year-old chicks,” James Corden has received outrage:

BTS supporters have slammed chat program presenter James Corden after he made a number of gags regarding the boyband on The Late Late Program. The British entertainer made humor at the South Korean team’s latest participation at the United Nations General Assembly on The Late Late Edition on September 20. Post these comments, James Corden faced huge hatred from the BTS fans who took to Twitter for expressing their anger. Following this instance, the host was also addressed as Papa Mochi and this was originated by Jimin, he also added that the anchor is now included in their Black Book.

The Late Late Show and James Corden have failed to reply properly to the situation. Nevertheless, as noted by BTS supporters, the program’s Twitter account has now pulled down a video displaying Corden’s remarks. Amid all this outgrowing hatred James Corden is still facing another issue. The fans of the Wicked have signed a petition requesting producers of the show to drop down James Corden. In spite of no authentication of the star to be a part of the Wicked, the petition which is designed on Change.org has gathered more than fifty thousand signatures.

Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo, a British Oscar contender, will star in the film, which tells the narrative behind The Wizard Of Oz. Creator of the show Gavin & Stacey, James Corden, aged 43 years, will not be accompanying the duo if supporters get their desire. James Corden who has been part of various TV shows is receiving much hatred as depicted by the online petition. Jon M Chu will be the director of the Wicked. The online world is in a commotion at the announcement of a movie version of the iconic Broadway musical Wicked, with die-hard admirers rushing to join a campaign to prevent James Corden from acting in it. The campaign already has surpassed its intended goal of 25,000 signatures at the time of publishing.

It will be quite interesting to see even despite this hatred, James Corden will be a part of Wicked or not.


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