“Too many requests in 1 hour, try again later” ChatGPT Error Explained and Solutions

ChatGPT is one of the most talked about pieces of software in recent times. It is a language model trained by Open AI and was launched for public testing in November 2022. Since then ChatGPT has gained a lot of popularity in the tech world. This language model chat interface can interact in a conversational way, which can be a game changer in the industry as predicted by many tech enthusiasts.

However, nothing is perfect in this world. ChatGPT also has its own imperfections. For example, it is not always factually accurate and can be misled by users to produce inaccurate information. But, recently there has been a bigger problem than that. You must be thinking about what can be bigger a problem than an AI tool producing inaccurate facts. Well, what if the users are completely unable to use this incredible tool? So, recently Open AI’s ChatGPT is constantly running into an error for many of its users, which says “Too Many Requests In 1 Hour, Try Again Later”. As frustrating as it sounds, this error keeps on popping up for many users letting them unable to use ChatGPT.

What is the “Too Many Requests In 1 Hour, Try Again Later” Error all about?

In order to get to the solution, it is very important to understand the problem first. As someone who has tried and tested multiple methods to get rid of this error, I think that the problem, although looking like a big one, is not very big at all. Some of the reasons are below:

  • With the user base of ChatGPT increasing exponentially, it is very important for OpenAI to cap users to a certain limit so that everyone can use the tool. But, apparently, there are too many user inputs that the software is showing this error.
  • if you are on a VPN that is widely used by many others while using the ChatGPT service for “Obvious” reasons, then you are likely to be broadcasting the same IP Address as the others who are using the same VPN service. Now because of the rate-limiting of services like ChatGPT as mentioned in the previous point, you are getting capped from using the service because all VPN users are getting treated as a single user based on a single IP Address.

Solutions to the “Too Many Requests In 1 Hour, Try Again Later” Error

If you are using a VPN Service then the first thing you should do is disable that. You can for the simple steps provided below.

  • Disable VPN
  • Refresh the page
  • Close ChatGPT and reopen it again
  • Login to your ChatGPT account again

If it didn’t work for you then you can also try the list of other methods below.

Other Methods

Method 1 – Slow down the rate of requests

Try lowering the number of requests or delaying them. You can spread out the requests over a very long period of time by assigning fewer requests every minute.

Method 2 – Use a different OpenAI API

OpenAI APIs apparently have higher rate restrictions than other APIs. Use the different OpenAI APIs with a greater rate limit. If you are having trouble making too many requests.

Method 3 – Request OpenAI to increase your rate limit

If you want to give more requests than you anticipated, then you should get in touch with OpenAI directly to request an increase in your rate limit.

Method 4 – Try to Use Caching

Use the caching service to save the data and reduce the number of queries you need to make to the OpenAI API if you submit too many requests for the same data. This aids in maintaining the rate cap and keeps the “Too Many Requests” notice at bay.

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