Is Lenny Kravitz Related to Al Roker? The Surprising Truth

Lenny Kravitz is a famous rock star and actor, known for his hits like “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and “Fly Away”, as well as his roles in movies like “The Hunger Games” and “The Butler”. Al Roker is a popular weatherman and co-host of the “Today Show” on NBC. But did you know that these two celebrities are actually related by blood?

According to the “Today Show”, Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker are second cousins, meaning that their grandfathers were cousins. Lenny’s mother was Roxie Roker, a famous actress who played Helen Willis on the sitcom “The Jeffersons”. Roxie’s father was Albert Roker, who came from the Bahamas. Al’s grandfather was also named Albert Roker, and he was also from the Bahamas. The two Alberts were cousins, making their grandchildren distant relatives.

Lenny and Al first discovered their connection in 2011, when Lenny appeared on the “Today Show” to promote his album “Black and White America”. Al asked him about his family background, and they realized that they both had Roker in their names. Lenny said, “We both have Roker. My mother was Roxie Roker, my grandfather, Albert Roker from the Bahamas. Has to be.”

Al was surprised and delighted by the news, saying, “All I know is I’m going with it. Kids think it’s cool.”

Have They Kept in Touch?

Since then, Lenny and Al have kept in touch and reunited several times on the “Today Show”. In 2020, Lenny joined the show via video call from the Bahamas, where he was quarantining during the pandemic. He talked about his new memoir, “Let Love Rule”, which chronicles the first 25 years of his life. He also shared some details about his parents’ love story, which started at Rockefeller Center, where the “Today Show” is taped.

Lenny said that his father, Sy Kravitz, was an assignment editor at NBC News, while his mother, Roxie Roker, was a secretary. They met at work and fell in love, despite the racial barriers at the time. Lenny said that his book was a tribute to his parents’ courage and resilience.

Al was happy to see his cousin again, and joked that many people get them confused, especially when Lenny’s shirt is off. He also asked him what it feels like to be a rock star. Lenny replied, “Ask Al Roker. Al Roker knows what it’s like to be a rock star because he is one.”

What Do They Have in Common?

Besides their family ties and their careers in entertainment, Lenny and Al also have some other things in common. They both have a passion for music and have released albums of their own. Lenny is a multi-instrumentalist and has won four Grammy Awards for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. Al is a singer and drummer who has recorded albums with his band, The Weathermen.

They also both have a sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. They often make jokes about their resemblance and their relationship. They also inspire others with their messages of love and hope. Lenny’s memoir is titled “Let Love Rule”, which is also the name of his debut album and one of his signature songs. Al’s latest book is called “You Look So Much Better in Person: True Stories of Absurdity and Success”, which offers advice on how to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.


Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker are two talented and successful celebrities who happen to be second cousins. They discovered their connection in 2011 and have since maintained a friendly and supportive relationship. They share some similarities in their backgrounds, interests, and personalities. They are both proud of their family heritage and their achievements in their fields. They are also both examples of how to live with love, humor, and positivity.

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