Is Tia Ewing Related to Russ Ewing? The Truth Behind the Surname

Tia Ewing and Russ Ewing are both well-known names in the broadcast journalism industry and are both Chicago natives. However, no authentic websites have yet commented on their relationship. So, is there any blood connection between them or is it just a coincidence that they share the same surname? Let’s find out.

Who is Tia Ewing?

Tia Ewing is an American Emmy-winning news anchor and reporter. At present, she serves at Fox 32 News, Chicago as their morning anchor and reporter. She also hosts the show Later with Leon at 11:30 pm on weekdays.

Ewing commenced her journalism career in Flint, Michigan, working at WNEM as an anchor and reporter. During her tenure, she covered several probative local cases incorporating an immoral city home construction project, the brutal murder case of 4-year-old child Dominick Calhoun, and a struggle of a 17-year-old with sickle cell anemia.

Subsequently, Ewing shifted to KTXL in Sacramento, California, and started working as a reporter. Within a few months, she was promoted as an anchor and reporter as well. After that, she served KTXL Fox 40 as an evening anchor for over a year. In the course of her incumbency, she also became viral in 2012 as a dancing anchor after dancing in a commercial break.

In 2015, Ewing moved to WOIO in Cleveland, Ohio, and worked as a morning anchor for two years. While working there, she received NATAS Lower Great Lakes Chapter Emmya nomination for her coverage of Republican National Convention in 2015. Similarly, one of the greatest and memorable moments of her career was during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ half-time show. There, she took the floor of Quicken Loans Arena to deliver some words honoring the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The anchor is also associated with the National Association of Black Journalists. Currently, she works in her hometown Chicago with FOX 32 News alongside other popular journalists like Darlene Hill, Robin Robinson, and Tamron Hall.

Besides her professional anchoring career, Ewing is also an entrepreneur. As per her Instagram handle @tiaontv, she owns the online retail shopping company Daintiest and a cosmetic brand Tia Cosmetics.

Who was Russ Ewing?

Russ Ewing was an American broadcast journalist in Chicago from 1967 to the late 1990s. He died on June 25, 2019 at the age of 96.

Ewing was born on December 29, 1923 and was orphaned at the age of seven. He was initially taken in by an aunt and then embraced by a nearby family. He became a firefighter in Chicago after attending Englewood High School.

He started working for WMAQ-TV in the 1960s as a film courier and first appeared on-camera in 1967. He later joined WLS-TV and became known for his exclusive interviews with suspects who surrendered to him before turning themselves in to the police. He interviewed more than 100 suspects in his career, including serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Ewing also covered civil rights issues, politics, sports and entertainment. He won several awards for his journalism, including seven Emmys, two Peabodys and a Robert F. Kennedy Award.

He retired from WLS-TV in 1995 and moved to Michigan with his wife Helen. He also wrote two books: You’re on the Air (1978) and Beware the Night (1987).

The Verdict

According to the available information from various sources, there is no evidence that Tia Ewing and Russ Ewing are related by blood or marriage. They may have some distant ancestral connection, but that is not confirmed by either of them or their families.

Therefore, it seems that their shared surname is just a coincidence and not a sign of kinship. They are both respected journalists who have made their mark in Chicago media, but they are not relatives.

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