Nicki Minaj Spreading Anti Vax FAKE NEWS and Covid-19 Controversies to Save Her RAPIST Husband From Scrutiny

Looks like Nicki Minaj is going through a lot these past days! Is the pop star telling people not to get vaccinated? Not only that, but is she really trying to save her “rapist” husband? Well, to know it all, stay tuned with us!

Is Nicki Minaj Telling People Not To Get Covid-19 Vaccine?

Currently, Nicki Minaj is high on the news! But instead of stardom, she is receiving heavy hatred from her fans! A few days back, one of her tweet went viral, and she damn regrets posting it on social media! The tweet was related to the COVID-19 vaccine! The pop star claimed that one of her cousin who lives in Trinidad has refused to take the covid vaccine shot. Well, it looks like Nicki’s cousin’s friend had a serious side effect after the vaccine shot which has scared him from taking the vaccine! The singer obviously had to face a lot of hatred due to this tweet! Most people said she is just trying to gain attention and moreover, is spreading fake news among the people out there!

Her opinion on the vaccine is surely an anti-vax statement. But does she really support anti-vax? Well, in one of Nicki’s recent interviews with Andy Cohen, she was seen to maintain all the COVID-19 protocols! This surely kind of proves she is not supporting anti-vax! The inner information is an assured statement as this came exclusively from the very famous Andy Cohen!

Is Nicki Minaj Safeguarding Her “Rapist” Husband?

Well, for some months, we all are quite aware that Nicki Minaj’s husband has been charged for sexually assaulting Jennifer Hough. This is incident goes back to 1995. But recently, Jennifer has filed a case against Kenneth Petty. Nicki and her husband both have failed to respond to the lawsuit! Not only that but Kenneth has clearly denied the charge put on him! When the incident took place, both the culprit and the victim were 16 years old! If you don’t know it, then let me tell you, Petty has also served a period of 4 years in jail for his deed.

The shocking news is Petty now claims that the rape never had occurred! In fact the sex between him and Jennifer was more consensual! He has moreover, said that 26 years back, he was a young boy, and out of fear, he took the rape allegation on himself! That time he was said that it doesn’t accept the rape claim, then he time be in jail for a 20 year long sentence period!

But Jennifer is clearly stating something opposite to Petty’s story! She has cleared said that she was raped by him at knifepoint. All these years, she has been traumatized and is still in constant fear to face the world out there. Well, already $15 million charge by Jennifer has been dismissed by the court. But still, $20 million lawsuit stands! If we come to Nicki, then she has stated that they have by mistake not responded to the lawsuit! So is the sensational pop star really saving her husband?

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