Disney will NEVER WORK with Scarlett Johansson After They Stole $50 Million from Her Over Black Widow Release Deal

Scarlett Johansson, who is well known for her role as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actress on July 29 this year sued the Walt Disney Company for the latest hybrid strategy that the production adopted for the release of Black Widow and The Jungle Cruise. Even though the company resolved the issue with the black widow fame, the rumors are that Disney might not work with her anymore and the latest release might be the last appearance of the actress as black widow. To get acquainted with the depths of this rumor let’s explore the timeline of the legal battle and the latest statements of both ends.

Gross Collection

Black widow, the 24th film of the marvel cinematic universe premiered this year on July 9 in the united states. The film along with theatres was even released on Disney+ and OTT platform with Premier Acess. The movie was launched on both platforms as a part of the latest hybrid strategy that was adopted keeping in mind the global pandemic and continuous delays. The strategy earlier involved maximizing profits and investing less at the back end. The new strategy aimed to increase the franchise following at the cost of maximizing profits. The movie made $80.3 M on the first day and its weekend collection from the theatre amounted to $158 M. Adding the ott cost that was $60 M, the total collection was $218 M. The movie till now has made a collection of $327 M making it not only the highest opener amidst the covid but also one of the highest-earning in the pandemic. However, if the production’s streak is to be followed, the movie is far from the average earning that the franchise production does.

Filing Of The Lawsuit

With the release of the movie on the Disney+ platform, the collection has reduced severely. This prompted Scarlett Johansson who was the black widow in the movie to file a case against the company as the company promised to release the movie for 90 to 120 days approximately and her compensation will be determined on the basis of the net ticket sales. The lawsuit specified that this breach of t=contrat has led to certain damages that although remained unspecified but amounted to $50 M. The filing of the suit and its details were first published by the Wall Street Exchange.

The spokesperson for the company chose to not respond immediately and any kind of negotiations were ignored. Later, when the lawsuit was made public, a Disney spokesperson came out and referring to the lawsuit stated that it was sad and distressing amidst the pandemic and its suffering. However, the movie received various losses due to this strategy as with the movie being available on the ott platform, the risk of piracy increased and it actually became the top pirated movie since the big release.

Will This Be The Last Appearance Of Scarlett In The Franchise?

However, the conflict has been resolved for now. The black widow actress stated in September that the issue has been settled, Neither of the two parties came out to reveal the amount on which the issue git settled but according to the sources, the deal has been done and finalized for more than $40 M. Both Scarlett and marvel stated that they were happy to reconcile with each other and they have nothing but respect and love for the work they have done together. As far as the rumor is concerned, no such statement has been released or inferred from the latest revelation made by the two ends. They are just happy that things worked out where one side Scarlett remembered the work done together and is looking forward to more projects, on the other side, marvel production admired her work and wishes to continue her for future collaborations.


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