Disney WANTS TO FIRE Letitia Wright after DISRESPECTING Comment on Chadwick Boseman

A big controversy is taking place at the period of time regarding Letitia Wright and her role in Black Panther 2, which is on its way. Disney has been strict with Covid-19 measures and specially considering the part that the pandemic took over and people had to go through a lot ever since it has hit. Mentioning the fact that the production of the Black Panther Wakanka Forever was slowed down in the period of time due to many reasons such as the Covid19 pandemic along with the passing away of late Chadwick Boseman.

The big question has been rising among the fans to who would be leading the next installment of the title and especially after the passing away of Chadwick Boseman. The sources also mentioned over the period of time that Letitia Wright might be coming across as the lead role in the next installment of Black Panther.

Letitia Wright

Letitia Wright might get fired by the Disney studios

The filming went underway after a long period of time but a number of distractions has also been coming along on the way such as the part where Letitia Wright got injured while the filming the the movie was taking place and thus to mention that she was hospitalized immediately because the injuries turned out to be serious. The shooting of the movie then started again weeks after and there were huge story predictions playing along at the period of time and moreover to mention that the filming of the movie has once again taken a pause at the time period due to the ongoing controversy of Letitia Wright is not yet ready to get vaccinated.

It has also been given a name such as the people who are turning out to be Antivax and to mention that Disney would definitely not support this campaign as it is for the betterment of all that everyone should get vaccinated and though it is not for the safety of one but for many. Letitia has her own sayings that no one should be forced to get vaccinated at the time as it is their own will to whether they want to get vaccinated or not while the Disney studios would not promote any personality who is holding views in support for the Antivax.

Letitia Wright


The sources are also mentioning at the time that Disney is all set to fire Letitia Wright from the studios and well considering the part that there will be a lot more complications if the studios decides to fire the personality. It is yet to see what will lead in the future times and considering the part that the Disney has not yet fired the personality from the studios but the sources are reporting at the time that there are high chances that she will be out from the next installment of the title and it is yet to see what more decisions shall the authorities be leading ahead.

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