Disney FIRING Letitia Wright from Black Panther 2 for ANTI VAX Remarks and DISRESPECTING Chadwick Boseman’s Legacy

The filming for Black Panther 2 is again put on major hold. The concerns for Chadwick Boseman‘s legacy are rising day by day. Looks like Shuri is not ready to get vaccinated. On the other of the tale, Disney won’t really promote a character who supports Anti-Vax! What will happen now is a serious matter of concern for all the fans out there. Stay tuned with us, to know all about the mess just right here!

Letitia Wright Is Not Ready To Get Vaccinated! Know Everything About It, Down Here!

Letitia Wright who is popularly recognized as Shuri in the MCU world is not ready to get vaccinated. Last year we got an insight into her opinion on the Covid-19 vaccine. It looks like she doesn’t really have any plans to get vaccinated in the near future. Given the COVID-19 guidelines, we all know, one cannot really travel without getting vaccinated. On top of all these vaccine issues, a few days back, the star got seriously injured on the sets of the movie. Thus currently the whole production of Black Panther 2 is in halt.

The exclusive interview video uploaded on YouTube clearly showed her views on the COVID-19 vaccine. Obviously, the video eventually got spread to many other social media platforms and she was trolled for her views. Thus now, the video has been deleted from YouTube. But her opinion on vaccines is a serious matter of concern for the MCU studio.

On the other hand, Disney won’t really promote or support a character who believes in Anti-Vax views. So will she be forced to get vaccinated? Recently, Letitia tried to justify herself with a post on Instagram. She didn’t really mention Anti-Vax but indirectly said that if she doesn’t want to get vaccinated, then it’s her choice and opinion. Moreover, she also added that she has always tried to be inspiring for people out there. Given all these, the fans now wait to see what happens next with Chadwick Boseman’s Legacy!

Has Disney Fired Letitia Wright? Who Will Carry Forward Chadwick Boseman’s Legacy?

The news of Letitia Wright getting removed from Black Panther 2 is still a question of concern for the fans out there. Disney still hasn’t really fired her. But there are high chances that Disney might consider firing her if she continues her views on Anti-Vax. Moreover, she needs to get vaccinated to be on the film. Disney will have to figure things out. They will surely try to keep all the cast and crew members under a safe roof.

Getting vaccinated, not only makes you safe but also makes sure others don’t get affected by you! Disney will surely take necessary measures on this issue. Moreover, we all know Chadwick Boseman left all of us last year. Thus, we also need to see who carries forward his legacy in the movie. Earlier we knew, Shuri was selected to lead her legacy forward. But if she gets fired then who will take all the responsibilities of Wakanda? Until we know the answer to this question, stay connected with us, to know all about the latest Marvel movies and series, just right here!

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