Disney NOT HAPPY and might FIRE Evangeline Lilly for joining Anti-Vaxx Campaign in Washington DC

Evangeline Lilly has been in light since the Covid-19 began her opinions are the reason that she is facing backlash again after attending an event in Washington D.C that was for Anti-Vaxx. She decided to share the details about it on her Instagram handle.

She explained all the details of her protest. But in past also she said lots of things that she is one of the people who is opposed to vaccines. According to her people should not take vaccines because of fear or anything it is just when they want to they can it should not be mandatory. But this is not the first time a celebrity who is in the MCU universe has joined in Anti-Vaxx remarks. Evangeline Lilly is known for her in the Ant-Man as Wasp. She was there in the Avengers: Endgame also.

Letitia Wright is also known for her Anti-Vaxx remarks and that ultimately affected marvel because many people started calling out to Letitia to quit her role from the movies like Black panther 2 and in the end, she is already in the news that she might be no longer the next Black Panther after the second part as she is too much for Marvel and will be seen an original role as Shuri.

When it comes to Evangeline Lilly she is also on the path to be getting replaced as the Wasp. The news is not confirmed but it has started to appear as her comments directly affect the Marvel Business. There might be a possibility that she will be replaced as the wasp and Marvel is also thinking of firing her from the cast of the Ant-Man and the Wasp in the Quantumania. Even if she is required for further movies her actions can cost her role in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

While Some fans have also shown their concern after this protest by Evangeline Lilly. they took to Twitter to show their hilarious replies and as well concern for it.

Some fans have also drawn comparisons between Lilly and her MCU co-star Letitia Wright for their similar opinions on COVID-19 vaccines. Several fans also asked Marvel to replace the actors from their respective roles in the franchise.

Right now the future remains unclear for Evangeline Lilly and her role in Marvel. As of now the only detailed information we have that is The Ant-man and the Wasp in the Quantamania has finished shooting back in November 2021 and also that the movie is going to be released 2023.

Evangeline Lilly also has spoken about freedom also where she has clearly mentioned that freedom is something that some people want and while it is a matter of choosing what you do will do with the freedom and also she previously made claims on the effectiveness of vaccines and because of that, she faced a huge backlash and then she further apologized for her remarks. She has made some other remarks both are long forgotten and it is nothing that much if one looks that way.


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