Brie Larson FIRING and REPLACEMENT as Captain Marvel CONFIRMED by Chris Hemsworth

Brie Larson has been popular in the news ever since she played the role of Captain Marvel in the movie titled also Captain Marvel. She has been seen in other parts of the Avengers movie and her role is now bigger than ever when she is already there and sharing details and giving hints about the next Captain Marvel movie.

The next part of Captain Marvel is titled The Marvels. Now there is a reason for it b being that as one can guess it is a team name and yes there would be a team-up in the movie to defeat the villain. That’s just what we can say and make sense of it for now. The movie The Marvels is expected to release around February 17 in 2023. So it is still early enough to get major details about it.

One thing that has been worrying Brie Larson fans is that her future in the Marvel Cinematic universe. While some believe that Brie Larson will be seen in the movies till the 2023 release The Marcels and after that Marvel Studios might just replace her.

Now Coming to Brie Larson this major took the internet when Brie Larson was not voiced in the Marvel series What If…? which showcases many of the voice actors who have acted in the actual Avengers End game. The only one who was not there was Brie Larson Voice and this riddled up her fans as to why she was not there.

This led to the possibility of Brie Larson getting replaced in the movies and soon she will not be working with Marvel Studios. But these rumors were shut by Brie Larson when she started giving details about the movie and all those websites who wrote about her getting replaced got a major setback and were doomed.

Let’s Talk about Brie Larson’s current status as Captain Marvel in the movie The Marvels.


  • Brie Larson as Carol Danvers

While it is rumored that Brie Larson has already shot for the movie The Marvels and while some believe it still has to get in the production and we can then hear more details about the movie. But Currently, Brie Larson can be seen training and gaining muscles and many people guessed that she is soon in 2022 she can be starting to shoot for The Marvels.

You can see the video of her training here.


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Has Chris Hemsworth given any details of Brie getting replaced as Captain Marvel?

Actor and Producer Chris Hemsworth is known for his role as God of thunder Thor in MCU and is also rumored to be dating Brie Larson but that rumor got cleared long back ago and currently, he has not shared any details of Brie Larson getting replaced or her being out of MCU.


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