Black Clover Chapter 314 Read Online and Discussion

Black Clover is a Japanese graphic novel or manga series that appeared for the first time in ¬†Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in the year 2015. The manga series is written by Yuki Tabata and the chapters are put together in 30 independent volumes. The series was adapted into a video animation in 2017 by Xebec Zwai. It aired in Tokyo, Japan. The story revolves around a young boy named Asta who is left to live in an orphanage and possesses no magical powers which are quite unusual when it comes to living in his world as everyone living there possessed magical powers. Motivated by his physical strength, he dreams to become a Wizard King and thus, later on, joins the Black Bulls. In this article, we will discuss Black Clover Chapter 314.

Black Clover Chapter 313- Recap

Currently, the story unfolds as we can see a fight going on between the back bulls and the dark triad faction. The chapter shows Yami’s past where he received black magic and was rejected by society. However, his friends and fellow mates didn’t disapprove of him or his magic powers and behaved normally around him and all this came as a big surprise to Yami who was left delighted. As time passes, he understands various situations and goes on to form his own group of people who have been ignored or mistreated by society and the people around them.

The chapter also shows how all the captions finally come together as one to fight and save the country to which Yami has some flashbacks and even recruits the members of the squad. Morris is also defeated as the members of the black bulls combine and there was no way that he could win over them alone.

Is Morris Actually Defeated?

Since we all know how morris acts as a host to the strongest devil in the series, his end is a bit too easy to believe and we might expect his arrival again as he might be breathing still or a possibility of some gas left can be considered too. As of now, nothing is confirmed what we might get in Black Clover Chapter 314.

Everything About Chapter 314

The previous chapter of the series aired on 14 November and Black Clover Chapter 314 is set to release on Sunday, 21 November 2021. However as time zones vary from place to place, the show might be arriving some places earlier than the other.

  • JAPAN – 1.00 am 21st November
  • USA/CANADA- 10.00 am 21st November
  • The UK- 4.00 pm 21st November
  • Europe- 5.00 pm 21st November
  • India- 9.30 pm 21st November

The spoilers of Black Clover Chapter 314 have not been released yet and the raw scans are said to release two to three days prior to the spoilers. The latest chapters are available for free on a number of sites and one can always subscribe to “VIZ” and “MANGAPLUS” to watch the latest episodes. However, a subscription is not mandatory for the latest three chapters of the series.

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Is Black Clover Coming To An End?

As per the sources, the series might have not generated great sales and can be approaching its end soon. However, the series has managed to create a great fanbase worldwide that eagerly waits for the release of future chapters.


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