Kanye West makes DESPERATE Plea to Kim Kardashian to take him back

It has been a while that the name of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are appearing on our news feeds. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are currently going through the battle of divorce and they are also fighting for the custody of their children. In the middle of all this mess, Kanye West has been talking about Kim Kardashian and badmouthing her style of parenting without a single break. Recently, the singer has made a post on his official Instagram handle. In this post, we can see that he shared a photo of his estranged wife Kim Kardashian and his children and begged God to bring back their family together again. The photos were originally taken by Vogue magazine.

The recent plea of Kanye West is not the first one. We have seen earlier that he made several requests to Kim Kardashian to get back to him. As for now, we can see that he is dating the Uncut Gems star, Julia Fox. But several insider sources have revealed to People magazine back in January of 2022 that the singer has been telling others that he still hopes that Kim gets back to him. He also told others that he is intending to change whatever needs to be changed in order to get Kim back.

Back in December of 2021, the singer of Donda performed on stage with his song Runaway. At the end of the song, he sang a new line which he dedicated to his soon-to-be-ex-wife Kim Kardashian. He sang “I need you to run back right back to be.” He concluded while rapping “More specifically, Kimberly.”

Well… as for record this wasn’t the first time, he declared his desire to reunite with Kimberly in from of the public. We have seen him pleading for their reunion before. In his speech that he gave in front of the public at the annual thanksgiving event of Los Angeles Mission back in November of 2021, he said that the almighty will bring back ‘Kimye’ together again. In an interview with Page Six, he got a lot of reasons for his intention to bring back his family together. One of the major reasons is he doesn’t wanna leave his kids alone. He has four kids with Kim Kardashian and he cares for every one of them.

In the recent news, Kanye has been aggressively talking about Kim Kardashian for allowing their daughter north to do TikTok videos. He also has talked about Kim going out with Pete Davidson. He said that Kim usually does not allow their kids to see him and many other issues. In response to all the allegations that were made by the rapper, the founder of SKIMS has declared via her post that she shared on her official Instagram handle, that she has had enough and she will not be nice anymore. In this context, you should know that the star of Keeping Up With Kardashians and the founder of SKIMS, Kim Kardashian has filed for her divorce back in February after she had been married to Kanye West for six long years.

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