Aaron Rodgers Reveals he is still with Shailene Woodley amid Split Rumors

We are here to talk about the controversial news which is spreading around as the rumors suggest that Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley have parted ways. Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley have been the ideal couple and do also stand out in the famous name. The couple on the other hand has been in a relationship for a long period of time. Mentioning the fact that the couple also kept their relationship private at the course of time and thus to mention that they kept it reserved at the period of time and though the couple then came forward to make it public after a lot of rumors started spreading around.

Also to mention the part that the fans have not seen much of them in recent times and everyone has been suspecting that the couple has parted ways over time. Considering the part that these are just rumors and other predictions by the fans whereas the sources have also reported that the couple has even broken up and their relationship has come to an end while neither of the personality came forward to confirm the news at the time.

Aaron Rodgers

Fans are concerned about the relationship status of Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley

The fans on the other hand are confused at the time regarding the situation and are curiously looking forward to covering any more news about their relationship status. The confusion of the fans rose even more at the time when Rodgers came forward to give an emotional message on his Instagram and which also stood out as the message to thank Shailene.

The message which he gave was not solely written for her as thus he mentioned all the important people in his life and the way they meant to him and this was the part where he also included Shailene Woodley in the message and appreciated her for everything.

Aaron Rodgers


This message also does not clarify anything of the fans and everyone is still confused as to whether they are together or not at the time. The personality appreciated Shailene for everything and how she has been with him in the tough times. Also to mention the part that the fans were raising enough questions regarding their relationship status and this was able to capture the attention of Aaron while he then went on to post a picture of him with Shailene on the couch and in a happy manner.

The sources have also reported that the air is now cleared due to the fact that all the answers were given by the personality that they are still together and have not yet broken up. The fans are also excited to know that one of the personalities might also give some light on the ongoing situation on Instagram but moreover the good part is that they are together and hence looking forward to fixing things out in the period of time.

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