Wonder Woman 3 Release Date In 2023? Will It Be A Reboot?

In spite of a very diverse reception to the DCEU, Wonder Woman 3 was formally approved immediately after the publication of Wonder Woman in 1984. Warner Bros stated on 27 December 2020 that Gal Gadot will be back in Wonder Woman 3 that Patty Jenkins would write and make.

For the third film “Wonder Woman” Diana Prince finally is officially returning to the big screen. In another edition in a DC Comics series, the Warner Bros has started developing, with Gal Gadot as the lead character and Patty Jenkins returning to compose and direct the last entry in the heroic Trilogy. Warner Bros. started the 3rd “Wonder Woman” film will be released traditionally in theatres.

“We are delighted to recommence with our true lives, as the fans all around the globe continue to take Diana Prince to the strong opening weekend of “Wonder Woman 1984″ Wonder Women — Gal and Patty — who will be returning to finish the long-planned theatrical trilogy,” said Toby Emmerich, Chief Warner Bros.

“Wonder Woman 1984” was watched by many at home, but still, the film made heavy box office collections, even in this pandemic. “Wonder Woman 1984” grossed $ 16.7 million from 2,100 North American cinemas.

When is Wonder Woman 3 filming?

Wonder Woman 3 development timeline remains a mystery. It is rather difficult to estimate how much filming may commence on the picture without a release date. Gadot and Jenkins have a range of other ventures in place to complicate matters before they would begin working on the 3rd Movie. Both are part of the next Cleopatra film. The mythical queen of Egypt is the focus of the ancient play. Jenkins will also conduct Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. In December 2023, the latter film will appear in theatres. On the basis of how these timetables appear right now, Wonder Woman 3 probably won’t start production until 2023, which may indicate a premiere in 2024. (Or later).

Both Gadot and Jenkins are pretty busy right now as they’re both working together on their Cleopatra movie, and Jenkins has the small matter of her Star Wars movie, Rogue Squadron, out in December 2023. In July 2021, producer Charles Roven said that “we’re starting to put something together” for the third movie. However, Roven stopped short of any concrete dates as for when the movie will start filming, let alone start filming. Since Jenkins won’t be directing Amazon’s spin-off, at least that shouldn’t get in the way of Wonder Woman 3. But we wouldn’t expect filming to start any earlier than 2023, which could point to a 2024 release (or later).

Wonder Woman 3: Cast

Nothing much is known about the “Wonder Woman” trilogy yet regarding the last chapter. Kristen Wiig was the wicked Cheetah, Pedro Pascal, the high-levered tycoon Max Lord, and Chris Pine was the romantic interest of Diana, Steve Trevor, following the epidemic for which the production was postponed several times.

Not surprising, Gal Gadot will be back in the upcoming set of adventures to carry on the character of Amazon princess Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman. But the other characters of Wonder Woman 3 are still a mystery. Even when Asteria (Lynda Carter) made her brief cameo in the Wonder Woman 1984 scene of the end of the credit sequence, it has never been so obvious if it was just a one-time appearance of the renowned TV actress and Wonder Woman or the beginning of anything to be developed in the coming years of the franchise. We must also wait to see if Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine is likewise completed.

Wonder Woman 3: Plot Predictions

This is a confirmation component of the film. The third film will not be made in the past, unlike both the past films Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984. That’s correct, we won’t get the next piece set in the past, and indeed, Wonder Woman 3 may finally finish the tale of Diana before the Justice League. Jenkins affirmed the contemporary story of the 3rd part in 2019.  In a 2019 conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Patty Jenkins remarked on this, speaking on the finale of Diana Prince’s narrative.

It remains uncertain where the tale of Wonder Woman 3 takes Diana. We have watched her come and get to grips with their role in the world throughout the previous two movies. It’s in the air where she’s going to go next. Patty Jenkins was interested in filming the current situation of the planet. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic appears like it will have a major effect on the film. In 2020, Jenkins informed Heroic Hollywood that she had stopped working on Wonder Woman 3 so that she could properly integrate the post-COVID scenario.

The spin-off film presently in development is perhaps another factor why it is taking so long to acquire some concrete facts regarding Wonder Woman 3. Jenkins will not direct the spinoff, but rather include cinematic aspects of the movie into the 3rd Film. The release date of the spin-off is unknown.  So until there is another announcement there, it’s someone’s guessing what’s going to be in the 3rd part.


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