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Longmire season 7 is one of the most awaited series. After the end of the sixth season of Longmire, fans are desperately waiting for the return of the series with a new season. But there has been no official announcement regarding the release of the seventh installment of the series. The show was loved by crime drama lovers. The Longmire series was quick to gain its position in crime drama lovers’ watchlists. Now, everyone is waiting for the new season but will there be a Longmire Season 7? Let’s find out more details about season 7 in this article. 

Longmire season 7 was officially canceled by Netflix and it is also being said that the show will not be renewed. However, we can’t phase out the possibility of the series to released on any other platform. Longmire has a good fan base and will gain profit on any other streaming platform as well. But no official announcement about the seventh season has been made yet. Still, fans are hopeful that season 7 will be happening. In the seventh season, we can expect certain changes. Like Candy would be the new sheriff. It is possible that Walt Longmire would be helping out Candy whenever needed and would be living a peaceful life with Vic. But one thing is sure that we would see more action from Walt Longmire in the next season. However, this is just a theory. The original plot might vary from this. So we need to wait for the seventh season to release. 

According to some sources, the production house wants to renew the series. The new season would not be happening on Netflix. It is being said that the new season will premiere on the different streaming platforms as Netflix is in no mood to renew the series. So fans should not be disappointed as there is a possibility of the seventh season and the production house is working out with the plot and story of the new season. Netflix canceled the show after the sixth season because the viewership of the show was decreasing continuously. The show was called off at the end. Also, Netflix released a statement that the sixth season is the final season of Longmire. This made it obvious that there will be no new season but the production does not agree with this and wants another season of Longmire. As of now no official announcement regarding season 7 has been made. 

Longmire was first released in 2012. The series has a total of six seasons. It is a modern western crime drama television series based on book series by Craig Johnson. The show first premiered on A&E Network. After the third season, the show was renewed by Netflix. Previous episodes of the Longmire series are available on Netflix. The star cast of the series includes Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Adam Bartley, Cassidy Freeman, and Bailey Chase. The story revolves around Wolf Longmire who is a sheriff. The initial seasons of the series received a good response from the audience but later on, there was a decline in the viewership of the new seasons.


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