Thor 5: Here’s What Taika Waititi said about a possible Thor Sequel

Thor: Love and Thunder has hit the big screens and is undoubtedly not failing to impress and awe the fans. The sequel of the previous Thor and Avengers movies with a Chris Hemsworth-led reunited cast from the previous Thor movies is running smoothly and successfully in the theatres. And why not if it has such a huge fan base that loves movie after movie by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now the news in the air is about a possible Thor 5 as it is now confirmed at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder that Thor will return.

With such banging concept, graphics, storyline, and elements, the movie is bound to become this successful, not only among the Marvel and Thor fans but the other Non-Marvel folks too. And now, the movie has not even reached its first week yet and the gossip and updates about Thor 5 are spreading across the globe.

The true Marvel fans must have sat back and waited for the Post-Credit or Mid-Credit while watching the movie. And Thor: Love and Thunder have already teased another sequel for Thor. And as obvious as it was, the post-credit scene showed Zeus, The God of Lightning miserable because he lost his powers and weapon. He was sharing his misery with his maids and then it was revealed that he is also talking to his son, Hercules.

Thor 5

Are the talks about another Thor sequel true?

Of course, Thor: Love and Thunder may just have been started but already it is being called for another installment by the MCU. We don’t think that the creators are going to stop so soon for Thor. He is such an eminent and distinguished character and challenges keep coming for him in his duty of the protection of the innocent.

The writer-director of Thor, Taika Waititi stated to Insider the post-credits message teasing “Thor will be back” was even a “surprise” to him and lead actor Chris Hemsworth. Waititi explained:

“I’m not joking. I saw it in the theater and I was like, ‘Oh, shit. Really?’ Even Chris was like, ‘What?’ 

“Thor: Ragnarok” and “Thor: Love and Thunder” have been helmed by Waititi, that have most recently hit the theaters on July 8. So is Waititi planning on directing another Thor movie or would he handover it to another director?

Waititi proposed a condition for directing Thor 5

Waititi has done a lot of benefits for Thor and is really willing to make another Thor movie, which would be the fifth in the superhero’s standalone movie series. But only if Hemsworth would be acting in it.

And of course, we cannot expect anyone other than Hemsworth to play the uncanny role of Thor. And obviously, the director has the same thoughts:

“Of course, he’ll be back. He’s the best character. I mean, I may be a little biased, but he’s the most fun to watch. Now, I don’t know what would be next. I would definitely do one, but only if Chris did it. But it would need to be something surprising and unexpected for me to want to do it. Like, what would be the new take? The battles and all the fighting is fine, but I would want something that feels unexpected when it comes to the story. Like making just a $5 million movie with no fighting at all, just Thor on a road trip. Like ‘Nebraska'”

Waititi has not failed to add unique twists to Thor

Every director has their own style and uniqueness. The first two Thor movies were directed by other directors and Waititi just expanded the legacy of Thor and surely added new characters, plots, and twists to the movies. He has got engaged in several other movies making them superhits and the same goes for the Thor movies he has directed.

This calls for him to direct Thor 5 or more sequels to the Thor franchise. He also said about his creations:

“I obviously didn’t invent Thor or make the first two films. I’m not going to just assume that I’m going to rearrange the system, shake it up, and teach them how to make movies. And that’s why it worked out. If you assume you’re going to get screwed over, it’s going to sour the relationship from the start.”

Hercules’ introduction has also clarified that the next sequel will also be not smooth for Thor. Zeus has instructed his son to make mortals fear and respect the gods again. So if Hercules gets into terrorizing Humankind, Thor and Love will be for sure intervening?

Now we just have to wait for the work on Thor 5 to initiate and get completed as soon as possible to see the new plot changes in it by Waititi.

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