The Batman Starring Robert Pattinson is the first Reboot with no Origin Story, Here’s Why


The DC Extended Universe movie ‘The Batman‘ is no doubt one of the most popular movies that the audience has ever seen. Now… it has been several times including animated and serialized releases that we have seen the origin tale of our favorite character Batman. But now it seems like we don’t have to watch the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne again for the hundredth time. Every reboot movie of this caped crusader wastes a great amount of time while showing the origin story of the dark vigilante. That is the incident where his parents were murdered by some unknown criminal which made Bruce Wayne the Batman we see today. As we all know the forthcoming DCEU film The Batman will be a reboot type film for the lead role Batman. Robert Pattinson will be taking the torch of the titular character from the former actor Ben Affleck. But the interesting thing is the director has mentioned that this movie is not going to be an origin story for the character. Yes… in the DC FanDome event, the director Matt Reeves has revealed that there will be no more death of Thomas and Martha. Rather, the film will focus on the character who has already become the Caped Crusader.

Why There Will Be No Origin Tale of Batman?

The upcoming movie was actually going to be a standalone appearance of Ben Affleck in the titular character. After he appeared in other movies like Batman V Superman and Justice League, his intention was to appear and as well as direct this debut. He also wrote the script of this movie alongside Geoff Johns. But for some personal reason, Ben Affleck didn’t make his appearance in the scene, and the jobs of both directing and scripting were taken over by Matt Reeves. At that particular time, Warner Brothers didn’t mention that Ben Affleck is no longer going to act as Batman. But with the release of the teaser trailer, it has been made clear that there will be no Ben Affleck in Matt Reeves’ movie.

So if you ask why there will be no origin tale of Batman… we’ll say that it makes kinda sense that the director Matt Reeves is not going to waste his precious screentime on the murder of Wayne’s parents one more time. This particular part from the Batman franchise is known to all of the fans, no matter if that fan is a hardcore follower of the Batman series or its just general audience. But what’s more interesting is that although the death of Thomas and Martha will not be shown in the movie, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be appearing or having any part in the forthcoming film. Director Matt Reeves has mentioned that the main part of the center of the movie will be containing the role of Bruce’s ancestors and what part did they play in the cessation of Gotham City.

So, in short, the death of Bruce’s parents is not going to be the important point in the show as this particular incident has been explored in countless movies, TV series, animated series before (for example in the latest DCEU movie Joker). But we will be seeing them in another context.

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