Sir Ian McKellen expresses will to play a father-daughter crossover with Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch

We are here to drop a big update which has been out recently as Sir Ian McKellen opened up with his views on Scarlett Witch which is played by Elizabeth Olsen.

Scarlett Witch has stood out to be the fan favorite of not only the MCU fans but some of the famous personalities who have also been sharing their views on the role played by Elizabeth Olsen. Mentioning the part where Sir Ian McKellen was the one who expressed his views on the character.

Sir Ian McKellen is a famous personality who is originally known for his role of Magneto from X-Men the legendary actor has been a part of a number of movies throughout the time and also to mention the part that Sir Ian McKellen gave everyone signs by stating that his Magneto and Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlett Witch should be father and daughter in the MCU.

Elizabeth Olsen opened up on how she thinks that the storyline from the comics might make sense

Sir Ian McKellen came forward on his Facebook to share about it and stated that if he ever had a daughter then he’d hope that her daughter would be like Elizabeth and he also stated that it’s a treat to be her daddy. The part has been getting a lot of attention throughout the time and a number of discussions are being put through at the time as to how could the storyline turn out to be in the MCU for both of the characters.

Also to mention the part that Elizabeth Olsen also stated in an interview that she would love to work with Sir Ian McKellen on a Marvel Cinematic Movie whereas she also revealed at the time that his version of Magneto should be the father of Scarlett Witch and thus it would move ahead to make a lot of sense at the time as Magneto was the father of Scarlett Witch in the comics.

Both of the famous personalities share good words for each other as Elizabeth Olsen also revealed over time how she had the biggest crush on Sir Ian McKellen back in the days when she was young. The fans on the other hand are also wondering at the time when will be time as Scarlett Witch will be appearing on the screens next as there are a number of options that could line up, especially the second season of WandaVision.

Moreover to mention that Elizabeth Olsen has also given hint as to how she herself along with Sir Ian McKellen could work together and shall follow the story of the comics nothing has been confirmed so far at the time but it would certainly capture a lot of attention at the time period and it is yet to see what more will be dropped ahead by the authorities at the time on the crossover and other details.

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