Emily Blunt as Invisible Woman in MCU Fantastic Four Confirmed in a poll created for Disney+ subscribers

Since Disney has purchased Fox, Marvel Studios has taken on to do some future projects with Fantastic Four and X-Men. But not a single mutant we have seen in the 2 years long-running phase 4. But we have seen Mr. Fantastic played by John Krasinski, leader of the Fantastic Four has appeared for a cameo … Read more

Doctor Doom is rumored to be played by two actors just like Darth Vader and Rocket Raccoon

Doctor Victor Von Doom is one of the most powerful and deadliest supervillains in Marvel. He is a major villain of the Fantastic Four and also an important villain of the Avengers. As Disney has taken the Fox, so we get to see some of the important characters of X-Men and Fantastic Four. As Fantastic … Read more

Deadpool 3 Release Date and Latest Production Updates as per insider sources

The big updates regarding Deadpool 3 are talked about everywhere and the big hype is building up through time. Deadpool has stood out to be one of the biggest franchises of the MCU and mentioning the part that the previous installments of the title have made a big impact with the storyline it came forward … Read more

Sir Ian McKellen expresses will to play a father-daughter crossover with Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch

We are here to drop a big update which has been out recently as Sir Ian McKellen opened up with his views on Scarlett Witch which is played by Elizabeth Olsen. Scarlett Witch has stood out to be the fan favorite of not only the MCU fans but some of the famous personalities who have … Read more

How Dr Strange 2 Sets Up WandaVision Season 2 and X-Men Crossover

We are here to drop a big update as there are reports suggesting that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could be linking up to WandaVision Season 2. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has stood out to be the most anticipated title at the time and the MCU has put a lot … Read more

Tobey Maguire Appearing in Doctor Strange 2 Rumor Debunked as he Confirms not to have shot any scene for the movie

We are here to talk about the big talks which are currently taking place at the time suggesting that Tobey Maguire will be appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. MCU has been expanding in terms of the storyline and mentioning the part that one of the most anticipated movies, Doctor Strange in … Read more

Andrew Lincoln Rumored to play Magneto in the MCU according to insider sources

Andrew Lincoln is a very good actor. Andrew Lincoln is now rumoured to play the Magneto role in the MCU according to insider sources. Max Eisenhardt a.k.a Magneto was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He is a fictional character who appeared in the X-Men series. The young version of Magneto was played by … Read more

Sandra Bullock asks Marvel to cast Daniel Radcliffe as the MCU version of Wolverine – Is it happening?

Sandra Bullock has expressed that she likes the people at Marvel Studios to cast her Lost City co-star, Daniel Radcliffe, as the mutant Logan/Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Retaining his prestige from splashing the nominal wizard of the well-known Harry Potter film series, Radcliffe has since shown in smaller films such as The Woman … Read more