Shawn Mendes CHEATED ON Camila Cabello and then DUMPED HER

The famous singers Shawn Peter Raul Mendes and Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao have recently announced their separation and fans are taking this hard as we all are well versed with the fact that these best friend turned couples were actually one of the highly shipped stars and fans highly looked up to the duo’s warm relationship. But did the I Can’t Have You fame cheat on Camila Cabello and dumped her thereafter? Or is it just a rumor? Read further to know more about the couple, their split, and the reason for such a hard revelation.

How They Met

The couple initially met in 2014 during a tour of Austin Mahone where interestingly the two were opening acts. Thereafter, the two became quite good friends and according to an interview back then, it was stated that Camila was the first person who used to hear all songs of the singer. In 2019, the duo released a song together that goes by the name Senorita and depicts their steamy chemistry. The next thing we know is that the couple were kissing in a coffee shop and the final confirmation came when the two performed the song at the VMAs the same year.

The couple was even seen spending quality time together during the entire pandemic and were often shot by paparazzi going high on PDAs and leaving everyone awestruck. The breaking rumors struck every corner when an Instagram page shared a piece of news from a source unknown who heard the Havana fame talking on a plane about her going through a breakup. Cabello while traveling from Miami on her way over to Los Angeles talked to a girl and asked what movies should one watch while going through a breakup. Happy or sad ones?

The Statement

This sparked the rumors until the couple took to their official Instagram handles to release a joint statement. The statement signed by the estranged couple revealed that they have decided to part ways while they still choose to stay best friends just like the way they initially began. Adding to this, the two said their love for each other has increased than ever. The two assured that they’ll stay as best friends which were confirmed when the cinderella fame supporter Shawn’s recent single.

Mutual Or Something Else?

A source revealed that the two had seen it coming already as they both felt that they are way more compatible as friends rather than lovers and even though no one cheated or dumped each other and the separation was quite mature and mutual but both the singers have suffered heartbreak and are tying the best to keep themselves engaged in various chores and staying close with their family and friends. Continuing further the source revealed that the reason for the heartbreak was that the two were at different places in their individual lives and therefore need time off each other. The two have already gone through the decision and the situation that followed before officiating it.

And for now, the two as they assured are just trying to support each other and stay best friends. Even after splitting up Camila was seen supporting the singer’s recent single and even liked the Instagram posts post-breakup.


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