Samsung Finally Took Out Some Time To Put Handy Bookmark Bar In Its Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung phones come with both Google Chrome and the Samsung Internet browser pre-installed. Although you could be tempted to dismiss the latter, you should give it another thought, particularly if you value customization. Samsung’s browser received privacy and multitasking enhancements recently, and now a new update to the beta version of the app adds a helpful bookmark bar.

It’s disabled by default, so you’ll need to activate it in settings — here’s how to do it:

*Open Settings by tapping the three-line menu in the bottom bar.

*Look for Appearance and explore it.

*Toggle the “Show bookmark bar” option on this page.

The bookmark bar should appear below the address bar, but the browser will not automatically fill it with pre-existing bookmarks. You’ll have to manually connect a page to the bar by long-pressing it. When you add the first site, a new “Bookmark bar” folder appears in your current bookmark list, which you can fill with previously saved pages. This method is a little counter-intuitive, but with future changes, it can be enhanced.

You can long-press any of the bookmarks to open them in a new tab/new hidden tab/new window, edit them, or remove them once the bar is added. You can adjust the order of your bookmarks and even construct a folder by long-pressing some empty space in the bookmark bar. Since you’ll only be able to fit around 3-4 bookmarks in the bar as it is, you can categorize them and have a lot more at your disposal by using directories.

Samsung Internet beta version 14.2.1 has an optional bookmark bar. You can get the update from APK Mirror if you aren’t on the beta channel.

upcoming features of Samsung Internet.
Samsung Internet Beta can be installed alongside the Samsung Internet stable edition.

■ New Features for you
* Bookmark bar
Bookmark Bar can help you quickly navigate and control your favourite web pages on large screen devices such as tablets or Z Fold.
* ‘Continue apps on other computers’ has been improved.
Using ‘Continue apps on other computers,’ you can quickly open not only the URL but also the scroll location on the web page.

* ‘Continue apps on other devices’ is supported between Galaxy devices on Android 11 and up.
■ Security & Privacy
Samsung Internet helps you protect your security and privacy while browsing the Internet.
* Smart Anti tracking
Detect domains that are capable of cross-site monitoring and block storage (cookie) access.

* Safe web Browsing
We will alert you before allowing you to access known malicious websites in order to prevent you from accessing sites that might attempt to steal your personal information.

* Content Blockers
Samsung Internet for Android enables third-party apps to provide content filtering, making browsing safer and more effective.
The app provider requires the following permissions.
The service’s default functionality is enabled, but not required, for optional permissions.
[Required permissions]

[Optional permissions]
Location: Used to provide user-requested location-based content or location information to the webpage in use.

Camera: Used for taking screenshots of websites and scanning QR codes.

Microphone: A microphone is used to have a recording feature on a website.

Contacts: For cloud sync, this is where you get the device account information.

Storage: Used to save files after uploading them from the internet.


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