Is Majo Aguilar related to Pepe Aguilar? The truth behind the musical dynasty

Majo Aguilar and Pepe Aguilar are two of the most popular singers in the Mexican regional genre, but are they related? The answer is yes, they are part of the same musical dynasty that started with Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, two legends of Mexican cinema and music. In this article, we will explore the family ties and the careers of Majo and Pepe, as well as their relationship with each other.

Who is Majo Aguilar?

Majo Aguilar is a Mexican singer and songwriter who was born on June 7, 1994, in Mexico City. She is the daughter of singer and actor Antonio Aguilar Jr., and a paternal granddaughter of Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. Her uncle is Pepe Aguilar, and her cousins are Leonardo Aguilar and Ángela Aguilar, who are also singers. She has two sisters, Aneliz and Marcela.

Majo started singing at a young age, and in 2015, she recorded the single “Lo busqué” with her cousins Leonardo and Ángela. In 2016, she began producing, recording, and uploading her own music on YouTube, where she gained popularity with her cover versions of her grandparents’ hits, such as “Mi destino fue quererte” and “Cielo rojo”. In 2017, she released her first EP, Tributo, which was a musical tribute to her grandparents. She then signed with Universal Music Group and co-wrote the tracks of her second EP, Soy (2019), which blended pop and tropical music. In 2021, she released her first studio album, No voy a llorar, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Mexico Popular Airplay chart.

Who is Pepe Aguilar?

Pepe Aguilar is a Mexican-American singer who was born on August 7, 1968, in San Antonio, Texas. He is the son of Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, and the brother of Antonio Aguilar Jr. He grew up in Zacatecas, Mexico, where he learned to ride horses and play guitar. He made his debut as a singer at the age of three, when his father invited him to join him onstage at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Pepe began his career as a solo artist in 1989 with the album Pepe Aguilar Con Tambora. He later experimented with rock music in his band Equs, but returned to Mexican regional music in 1992 with the album Recuérdame Bonito. He achieved fame and success with his albums Por mujeres como tú (1998), Por el amor de siempre (1999), Lo grande de los grandes (2000), Y tenerte otra vez (2003), Enamorado (2006), Bicentenario (2010), MTV Unplugged (2014), No lo había dicho (2016), Fue un placer conocerte (2018), among others. He has sold over 12 million albums worldwide and has won four Grammy Awards, five Latin Grammy Awards, nineteen Lo Nuestro Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

How is their relationship?

Majo Aguilar and Pepe Aguilar are niece and uncle, but they have not always had a close relationship. In fact, Majo confessed in an interview that she used to be afraid of Pepe because he was very strict and demanding with his children’s musical careers. She also said that she felt intimidated by his success and talent. However, she also expressed her admiration and respect for him as an artist and as a family member.

Majo said that she has learned a lot from Pepe’s advice and guidance, especially when it comes to managing her image and career in the music industry. She also said that Pepe has supported her artistic projects and has invited her to perform with him on several occasions. She said that they have a good relationship now and that they share a love for music and their family legacy.


Majo Aguilar and Pepe Aguilar are part of the same musical dynasty that started with Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. They are niece and uncle who have followed their passion for singing and have achieved success in their own styles. They have overcome their differences and have developed a bond based on respect and admiration. They are proud of their roots and their heritage, which they continue to honor with their music.

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