Spotify new feature added-makes it easy to find your downloaded music in the app

Spotify updated a brand-new library feature.

Spotify has stated the availability of a new variant of its Your Library feature for iOS and Android smartphone users. The new Your Library feature is intended to be more streamlined, and it includes a new interface and several new features.

Spotify actively works on new and modified versions of the most used pieces of its app – the library and player interface – to add new features and enhance the overall experience. The company has now announced the redesign of its library tab for tablets, which includes significant new features such as pinned content, dynamic filters, and a grid layout.

Spotify, the music streaming service, has released a new update that includes a redesigned Library section. The latest update, which will soon be available for both Android and iOS users, makes it easier to find things that listeners have already added to their set of favorite songs.

The update also includes new interactive filters for highlighting Playlists, Artists, Albums, Podcasts, and Shows. Offline music that has already been downloaded is now easier to separate, and the Downloaded filter is now available in the new ‘Your Library’ tab. Only Spotify Premium users will be able to use the Downloaded account to save music offline.

Sorting option added

With the latest update, the app also gains improved sorting options, allowing users to display their audio alphabetically, recently played, or creator name. Users will also pin up to four playlists, songs, or podcast shows for easy access.

They can quickly return to their job playlist or sleep podcast. Swipe right on these items to reveal the “pin” option. Users will also be able to sort their favorite music into a new Grid-like image, along with wide tiles with song, playlist, and podcast cover art will be featured in this view.

A seamless method for browsing and searching your entire collection—both music and podcasts—in one spot.

New dynamic filters to assist you in browsing the array. To see the audio you’ve saved that matches, choose a song, artist, playlist, or podcast. Then, if you’re on the go, tap the Downloaded filter to see all of your available content offline* at the same time.

It improved sorting choices. Select whether to display your audio alphabetically, recently played, or by creator name. That’s a lot more coordinated. 

Choose up to four playlists, albums, or podcast shows to pin for quick access, such as the work playlist or sleep podcast—swipe right to offer the “pin” option on these pieces. With the latest Grid view, you can sort through your favorite content more visually by using a large-tiled album, playlist, and podcast cover art.

 According to the business, the latest Your Library interface will be introduced to the iOS and Android versions of the Spotify app in the coming week.

Each platform offers free downloads, but you’ll need a Spotify Premium account to download music locally for offline playback. Depending on where you live, this can become more costly. Spotify recently announced an increase in the price of its premium subscriptions.


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