Peach Boy Riverside Season 2 Release Date Confirmed By Asahi?


So, do you like overpowered protagonists? Remember “One Punch Man”? that guy who beats all of his opponents with one single punch? He seemed overpowered, right? But too much power makes like dull… isn’t it? Regardless, it can make life interesting also. If you’re into OP protagonists. You should like an anime too, called “Peach Boy Riverside.” The interesting thing about this one is that it has both protagonist and anti-protagonist and both of them are overpowered with the same capability. As the first season of Peach Boy Riverside has ended recently, Let’s talk about Peach Boy Riverside Season 2 here.

What About It?

So, before diving into the topic, Let’s take a quick peek inside of this anime, what’s this anime actually about? We can see that humans, half-humans, and spirits live in the same magical world, where social discrimination has spread its paws and fang everywhere. In these times of crisis, a princess named Saltorine “Sally” Aldike sets off on a mission to find another person named Mikoto Kibutsu. Now the thing is spirits has enough power in their possession that they can clean out the world whenever they like. But our protagonist Sally also has some hidden cards up to her sleeves. Her mysterious power can become a peach-shaped symbol which grants her enough power to defeat any vicious spirit easily. But She is our protagonist. So, she doesn’t rule with discrimination between anybody and thinks that this world can be a peaceful kingdom for everybody. On the other hand, our anti-protagonist Mikoto Kibutsu, having the same power as sally but with more grip on it, is aggressively racist towards all spirits, which inspires her to cut down all spirits from this world.

Expected Release Date For Peach Boy Riverside Season 2

Season 1 of Peach Boy Riverside started airing on 1st July 2021 and after broadcasting 12 episodes, it finished airing on 16th September 2021. Originally adapted from the manga written and serialized by Cool Kyou Shinsha, Peach Boy Riverside Season 2 was released on Tokyo MX and other channels.
Although Asahi production did an allover good job, The first season got n average rating of 6.37. Besides, it has faced severe criticism for not following the order of the actual manga. The director’s opinion regarding this matter didn’t satisfy the fans at all.
Now comes the problem regarding the deficiency of source materials. The first season was the adaption of the first six volumes of the actual manga with a few chapters from the ongoing portion in addition. As the last 4 volumes took around 6 months to get published, it’ll be possible to start working on Peach Boy Riverside Season 2 within the 3rd quarter of 2022, if the anime also goes behind the same pattern of release.

As the 1st season wasn’t much of a success, it’s kinda hard to expect to make it to the screens. But We’ve seen several cases where anime with more or less the same popularity getting more seasons. So, if everything goes according to the expectation, we can expect Peach Boy Riverside Season 2 to make its appearance within the 3rd quarter of 2023 or even later.

Anticipated Plot For Peach Boy Riverside Season 2

Now, coming to the plot of Peach Boy Riverside Season 2, as we can remember that princess Sally leaves the inn after the epic battle with the tree ogre in the last episode, Sally will keep protecting humankind, but the opinions that the ogre gave to sally may have changed her for good. Her mission to make this world open for all will be taken as a sin by not only ogres but also by her fellow humans. But she is more determined as ever towards her journey to protect humankind along with changing the rough tide of the world.

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