Ms. Marvel Ending, Post-Credits Scene and The Marvels connection explained

Another Marvel Studios series is now ended and the finale was epic for Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel is one of the best Marvel Studios series. Ms. Marvel ending just blew the mind of fans, as many unexpected happened in this finale. If you want to know about the finale of Ms. Marvel. Then you are at the right place.

The finale of Ms. Marvel has won the hearts of fans as they know about some unexpected kinds of stuff and a surprise cameo. All the five episodes are great as they are gearing up for the final episode. In the finale, we get to see Kamala having her suit which has been given by her Mother, Kamala a.k.a Ms. Marvel saved New Jersey and became the new hero of Jersey City, after saving the day she fell into the bed to rest but her bangles are not reacting well and Ms. Marvel has gone to somewhere else and Captain Marvel a.k.a Carol Danvers came in the place of Kamala. Besides that, we get to see many things. We have much to talk about.

About the ending of Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel has received a perfect ending. As Kamala has returned from Pakistan, Kamran the only Clandestine who is now left has got some powers and now he can’t control his powers. Department of Damage Control (DODC) was looking for Kamran, and Bruno helps to save him from DODC. Kamala also joined them and they all get a refugee in their High School. Then Kamala stepped into the life of a superhero. She fought with the force of DODC, Kamran also helped her to fight with DODC agents. At last, Kamran has escaped to Pakistan and Bruno decided to accept his CalTech scholarship, as he knows that by making that decision he will go to another side of the country. Before leaving for California, Bruno tells final information to Kamala that her DNA shows signs of some sort of “mutation”. Thus, this might indicate Mutants have entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Kamala Khan a.k.a Ms. Marvel is the first Mutant as she is an Inhuman in comics. When Bruno was telling Kamala that she has some sort of mutation then the background music was running, that music was from the X-Men’97 animated series.

About The Post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel

The post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel has surprised fans. It was very nice to watch the post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel. In the post-credit scene, we get to see, after saving Jersey City Ms. Marvel a.k.a Kamala Khan came into her bedroom as she was wearing her costume and her bangle started behaving strange, then she teleported to somewhere and in her room, we get to Carol Danvers a.k.a Captain Marvel played by Brie Larson with a different costume and looking to Kamala’s room where posters, arts, etc are there, and then she ran away. And at the very least we have seen it was written as Ms. Marvel will return in The Marvels.

Future of Ms. Marvel in the MCU

In the debut series of Ms. Marvel, she won the hearts of the fans. Fans loved the series as we get to see many unexpected things. From what we have seen in the post-credit scene Kamala Khan has gone somewhere and Captain Marvel comes into their room of Kamala. As they swapped each other as Kamala Khan is in Captain Marvel’s place as we don’t know where Captain Marvel was, as now in that place Kamala Khan is there. As in the very last, it was seen that “Ms. Marvel will return in the Marvels”. So it is confirmed that Ms. Marvel is coming in the Captain Marvel sequel as we also get to see Monica Rambeau as Spectrum. And Captain Marvel 2 will focus on Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel bonding.

Fans loved the finale episode of Ms. Marvel as that episode is full of drama, funny, action, and mystery. The relics which were shown in Shang-Chi and the Legends of Ten Rings, Ms. Marvel they will make an important role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel was also surprising as we saw Brie Larson who played the role of Captain Marvel in the room of Ms. Marvel and Ms. Marvel is now somewhere else. As Captain Marvel has come in her place. All the episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming on Disney+.

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