Ms. Marvel Ending teases Kamala Khan as MCU’s first Mutant

We are here to talk about the controversial part of Ms. Marvel Ending that has been surfacing and thus the finale of the show left a number of questions for the fans. Ms. Marvel came out as a show with a slow start and the audience thought that the show won’t be able to live up to the big hype that was on the run but the show had a lot more to offer as it caught up with the storyline and thus surprised everyone with what it had to offer.

The superhero character made her debut in the comics back in 2014 and though the show hit the screens as Iman Vellani came forward to play the role of Kamala Khan or Ms. Marvel. The fans on the other hand were left surprised with what took place by the end of the first season and opened up a lot of questions for the viewers at the time too.

Ms. Marvel Ending

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 revealed a lot about the mutants

The big surprise that everyone recieved in Ms. Marvel Ending is that Bruno tells Kamala that there has been some kind of mutations in her cells although he did not call out the word Mutant, we now have got our first known to be undeniable along with canonical mutant introduced in the MCU and that is no other than Kamala Khan. The fans have also noticed that while the word mutation was said the background music suddenly changed to X-Men animated series theme music.

Also mention the part that there are mysterious powers surrounding Kamala Khan and though a lot of questions were raised at that period of time too. Some of the surprising facts were revealed over time such as the power of Ms. Marvel was tied to the Clandestine and this was not all when the connection to Noor Dimension was also unveiled and this came out as a big surprise and hence mentioned that it was her lineage which allowed her to channel all the powers from her bangle and to understand in a better language that the powers of Kamala were an inborn degree and that the bangle helped to unlock those certain powers at the time.

Ms. Marvel ending came out to be a big one as it basically opened up to what is really behind the powers of Ms. Marvel and this was the part that surprised all the viewers and it came out as a first signpost that the X-Men are now coming into the MCU soon. It gave everyone a big glimpse that a new title of X-Men might be arriving and this is just a small hint which has been given over by the studios.

The fans have been asking the big question at the time of whether Kamala is a mutant or not but the powers she is holding into herself have been named to be from the genes and there is a possibility to it whereas to mention that more will be introduced in the next X-Men title if the MCU is currently working upon it.

The upcoming X-Men project gets a hint at Ms. Marvel ending

The X-Men franchise had a strong run over the time and though a new perspective shall be looked forward by the authorities on the title and now that it has been portrayed in Ms. Marvel how the powers have been linked to the good side and Kamala Khan finally learning the big truth which has been revealed finally. The MCU has also stated that a new kind of storyline has been linked to the project and which can be no other than X-Men and also due to the part where the Wolverine discussions have been taking place at the time and so there is certainly more in the store for the viewers.

The sources also mentioned that the Inhumans which have been portrayed in Ms. Marvel and their powers have been linked to what has been referenced ahead in the upcoming X-Men franchise and something that all the fans have been waiting for. It is yet to see how the new upcoming project of MCU will be bringing a big impact at the time and though the new X-Men franchise is the fan favorite to return on the screens and so more updates and information shall be dropped by the authorities soon.

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