Mahabharat series coming to Disney+ Announced at D23: Concept arts and more

There have been big updates and announcements from the recent D23 Expo event and the Mahabharat series was announced and there are big talks about it.

Mahabharat series has been one of the most talked about series in the announcement panel and there were other rumors of the title to be announced at the time and mentioning the fact that the show is basically based on the famous Indian epic and there has not been a lot of titles like this whereas the sources have reported that the creators have worked a lot to bring the title into work and now that it is finally done.

Mahabharat has big storytelling to do and to mention that a lot of people are still unaware of its part to this day the title will clear everything up with its straightforward plot. The title was announced by Disney in the recent D23 Expo event and the sources have reported that there will be other major changes that shall be marked ahead of the release of the title and now that the viewers are eagerly waiting for the title to release.

Mahabharat Series

Mahabharat Series set to release on Disney+

Though to mention that Disney came forward to announce some of the major Indian projects in the D23 Expo event to mention which also included the announcement of the new series and which is an adaptation of the epic series Mahabharat. The Indian majority has no doubt covered the story of Mahabharat but the title with a totally new look will be interesting to look forward to wherever to mention that the sources also reported that the audience around the world will also be covering the story of Mahabharat and the historic title may impress the viewers with the great look of the story and not mention, the updated VFX amd other visuals which will be covered by the audience.

Mahabharat was announced by Disney along with Koffee with Karan Season 8 and other series too and there have been big responses getting up on the upcoming series of Mahabharat at the time. The other big updates on the Mahabharat are being covered at this time by the viewers and the show is produced by Madhu Mantena along with the Mythoverse Studios and Allu Entertainment.

Hence to mention that the Indian mythology epic will be portraying the big story between right and wrong and The Kauravas and The Pandavas will be fighting a war in the place known as Kurukshetra which is in ancient India.

Gaurav Banerjee, who is the head of content at, Disney+ came forward in the International Content and Operations Session to talk about the new upcoming show and stated that there are a billion people who basically know the story in some form or the other and most of them has heard the stories as children from their grandparents whereas also mentioned that there are still billions at the time who currently remains unaware of the story and more on what they have been missing all this time. The personality also mentioned that it is a total privilege to bring back the story once again on the screens and more on the fact that the incredible story will be represented to the wider global audience at the time too.

Mahabharat officially announced at D23 Expo

Madhu Mantena, who is the producer of the project also had a say that the Mythoverse Studios has done their best to work on the title and now that it is finally here and is also delighted that Disney+ has provided this big opportunity at the time and now that it has been announced at the prestigious global platform at the D23 Expo.

It’s no doubt that there is big excitement ahead of the release of the title and now that there is a big hype about it due to the brand new look which will be given in the upcoming series. Mahabharat is scheduled to release next year while a particular release date is yet to be given by the authorities the information on it will arrive soon and it will be available to stream on Disney+.

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