Legends of Tomorrow Season 8: Is it Renewed? Everything to know

Legends of Tomorrow is a DC universe series having its first season released on 21 January 2016. The initial plot of this series is about a Time Travelling Rogue Rip Hunter who recruits a team consisting of both heroes and villains, not ordinary ones but the actual legends. The purpose of his creating this team is to prevent an apocalypse that will eventually bring the time of not only the earth but everything to an end. Being a time traveler, he saw Vandal Savage destroying the world and even the time itself. The future he saw must never turn into the present. One of the tasks of this team is to stop ‘Fugitives’. Fugitives are magical creatures from myths, fairytales, and legends that were expelled by people throughout time and are now slowly returning to the planet to cause devastation. The series revolves around the base question if this rag-tag team will be able to defeat this immortal threat which they know nothing about. Will they be able to save Time in time? In this article, we shall discuss Legends of Tomorrow Season 8.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 8

Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Trailer & The Unfinished Plot

As the trailer was released, people had gone crazy over the introduction of Arrowverse. If you see the comments, people were literally begging to never stop this series. The story is set in 1925, where the Legends or the Saviours of Time are stuck. The tagline, “History needs saving, and together, we are UNSTOPPABLE!” was enough to give goosebumps to the audience.

The seventh season of this amazing series was released on 2nd March 2022 and can be summarised into three major events-the series marked the introduction of Arrowverse. The heroes meet a fixer from the future named Mike while trying to prevent Alun’s death, which is a fixed point in history. A fixed point means something that can’t be unturned as it is the source of many future events to begin.

Nate also loses his super powers and bids farewell to the team. Mike steals their Waverider and destroys the time machine. He later returns in handcuffs telling them that they all will be arrested for time crimes.

Just a few weeks after the seventh season concluded, makers officially declared it to be the last season of this series. Yes! no Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 will be there, at least in the near future. The final episode of season 7 was not like what you would expect from a series finale.

According to fans, the story is still unfinished as they had introduced Booster Gold, played by Donald Faison, and by the end, the heroes were arrested. So what actually happens to the heroes is still left untold and why was a new character introduced right at the end of the whole series is still a question.

The series star, Caity Lotz who played Sara Lance in the series has come forward to give fans an idea of what Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 would have looked like. She presents her own scrapped plot theory which is pretty much believable and possible according to the events that happened throughout the series. Let us end this wait and finally know what she actually told us about the assumed season 8.


Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 According to Caity – Will it be Renewed?

Lotz explained, “We were gonna be in jail.”. The heroes would have done a self-assessment to become responsible ‘Time Masters’ and would have also been given the responsibility of training new cadets for time travel. Lotz pointed out some instances that had secured another season of the series like Sara’s pregnancy as well as the introduction of Booster Gold whose whole storyline is still undiscussed to the public.

About the renewal, Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 has been suddenly canceled! This was a sudden decision as no rumors or reports ever talked about this decision. Since the news of the cancellation aired, the fan bases have become extremely alert. Though they are disappointed, they are not wasting any time in showing their mass support and love for the whole team.

When the CW announced the end of Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, fans begin starting campaigns under the hashtag #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow. Their only request is to at least provide one last season, even with half the number of episodes than normal, to wrap up the unlinked and broken storyline that has been presented. DC, meanwhile, has started another series, ‘Naomi’, whose first season has recently aired.

The executive producer and co-showrunner of Legends of Tomorrow, Keto Shimizu, talked to the desperate fans on social media about their attempts to save the show. She revealed how Booster Gold or Faison could have been a regular face in season 8. He said even DC was trying to help them in renewal along with Warner Bros. Keto said he was asked for a new character to bring more audience to the show.

As discussed, they introduced Booster but according to reports, speculations say that Warner Bros. Discovery didn’t want to pay the lease rent of Studio space that expired on May 1 which led to the cancellation. Shimizu being a responsible showrunner also stated that the cliffhanger isn’t the fault of CW but his own.

He hopes that fans get the story in maybe another form like a movie or a comic book. All seven seasons of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow can be watched on Netflix on a subscription basis.

Is Black Adam Responsible For This Cancellation?

DC is all set to welcome the Black Adam movie on 21st October 2022. Critics believe this can be the DC Film’s future as they have brought Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for this project. Bringing such a famous face into their franchise is a sign that DC is going to bring something big in the future.

Black Adam is a member of the Justice Society of America. The JSA is unknown and many people don’t know about its origins. Thus, it can be a new multi-verse for DC fans. The heartbroken fans after the news of the cancellation assumed that because of a big project like Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson, DC is canceling the series.

But the circumstances for the series were not suitable and it came to an end. Black Adam has played no role in that decision. Maybe, in future projects linked to the Black Adam movie, we can see these Legends back playing an important role in the storyline. This assumption is quite possible because the JSA is a group of Legends from the Golden Age.

Even black Adam originated in ancient Egypt 5000 years ago, so it is quite possible that the JSA meets the Legends of Tomorrow during a time journey or maybe JSA rescues them from the time jail and collaborates with them in stopping the end of Time.

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