Dynasty Season 6: Why was the show Canceled after 5 seasons?

The CW has been pretty absurd this year as it has shattered the audience with a series of cancellations. On May 12 alone, CW canceled upcoming seasons of seven shows. This year marked the end of Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Charmed, Roswell, New Mexico, In The Dark, 4400, and Dynasty too. CW‘s actions are perhaps because of their uncertain future. The network is rumored to go live for sale, in lesser time than expected, to the Nexstar affiliate group. As there are very low chances of future, CW doesn’t want to leave a negative remark in the minds of fans and is slowly releasing the news of the ends of many series it has hoisted. Most of the series on CW is now available to watch on Netflix and other streaming platforms. Let us seek the answers behind the cancellation of Dynasty Season 6.

Dynasty: Season 5 Trailer, Cast & Synopsis Until the Finale

Season five started with Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies) being shot by her lovesick assistant, Eva. This happens during her marriage to Liam (Adam Huber). The question lies, will she be able to sustain this damage? Blake’s (Grant Show) airline soars high while Cristal (Daniella Alonso) achieves a new position of power. She and Blake join together their business with their marriage, amassing their powers but becoming the main target of their enemies.

Meanwhile, Alexis (Elaine Hendrix)  gets behind bars for a crime that she hasn’t committed. Her child, Adam (Sam Underwood) was more involved while her other child, Amanda (Eliza Bennett) was trying her best to find the actual culprit and save her mother. This game of chase-and-catch leads to Amanda doing everything she can to make Adam suffer. Season 5 is their spot of rivalry.

Jeff (Sam Adegoke) still finds himself in a dangerous situation while Dominique (Michael Michele) wishes to expand her reach in the fashion industry. Kirby (Maddison Brown) is offered a chance by her to return to her fashion career which has previously destroyed her. Moving towards the 100th episode, it was the time for new faces to come with old secrets to bring their own Dynasty. But this will not continue into Dynasty Season 6 as it is not getting renewed.

Reasons Behind Cancellation of Season 6

Dynasty is receiving a very poor response from the audience this season. On a weekly average, less than 400,000 viewers are turning their screens to this show resulting in is 0.1 demo rating. It ranks last in CW’s 19 dramas that were aired this TV season. Out of these 19, 7 have a rating of 0.1, including Dynasty.

The main star of the series, Elizabeth Gillies made a post on Instagram just after the news of the cancelation broke out. She mentions that she is “saving the goodbyes” for a later date.

The Instagram post dates to the 13th of May when she explains that they still have six more episodes to shoot and 12 episodes are still to be aired in the finale season. Season five is currently running and is pacing up with the audience’s attention because of the sudden cancellation news. If the schedule goes uninterrupted, this season will finally end on 12 August 2022. It appears only after that the rights of the season will be given to Netflix so that they can air the complete season. But whatever happens, Dynasty Season 6 is not going to get greenlit by the showrunners.


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Will Netflix Save Dynasty?

We are not saying this with surety but yes, Netflix can save Dynasty. Netflix is a stronger platform worldwide and has boosted the audience base of many series and movies after taking them under its shed. Whatever CW is doing right now is to downsize its content output.

It has been in the media for a while that Netflix has its own mess to deal with. The streaming platform will not invest in a project that is not profitable to them at this moment. Hence Dynasty’s performance until the end of season five will surely decide the future of Dynasty Season 6. The 22 episodes of the final season will be streaming on Netflix eight days after the release of the final episode.

All the five seasons of Dynasty will be streamed on Netflix for a term of five years and will be removed later on. This means the audience can watch the series until the year 2027 approx. For now, the fifth season looks to be the final bye-bye for the Carringtons.

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