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Good Girls Season 5 Cancelled? Time To Say Goodbye To The Good Girls

Good Girls is an American crime comedy-drama TV series on NBC. It is created by Jenny Bans and produced by Jeannine Renshaw, Dean Parisot, and Jenny Bans.

The show follows 3 suburban moms from Michigan who are struggling to make ends meet. Two of these three mothers are sisters. They are tired and desperate so they plan an unlikely heist- robbing a supermarket. What goes on to happen is a series of unexpected events and lots and lots of chaos!

Fans loved the light-hearted vibe of the show. It is the perfect blend of drama and comedy, without overdoing either. The crime aspect of it also drew fans’ attention since it’s rare to find a show that balances crime and comedy well.

Season 4 premiered on 7th March 2021 and ended on 22nd July 2021. The show first aired on 26th February 2018.

Good Girls Cast

Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth Boland- mother of four and unofficial leader of the group,

Retta as Ruby Hill- Beth’s best friend

Mae Whitman as Annie Marks- Beth’s younger sister

Manny Montana as Christopher, alias Rio- criminal

Reno Wilson as Stanley Hill- cop husband

Matthew Lilliard as Dean Boland- Beth’s cheating ex-husband

Lidya Jewett as Sara Hill- Ruby and Stan’s daughter

and Isaiah Stannard as Ben Marks- Annie and Greg’s son.

Good Girls Season 5 Renewal

The Good Girls were originally going to come back for a shorter fifth season. It was also going to be the final season of the hit Netflix show. However, it has been canceled since then. The makers have given their official confirmation that the show won’t be coming back with the fifth season and that the fourth season was the end of the dramedy.

Good Girls Season 4 had 16 episodes. It got great reviews and left fans wanting more! Then why was Good Girls season 5 canceled?

Why Good Girls Season 5 Got Cancelled?

The NBC network and Universal Studios which produce the show wanted to end the show with a short and final fifth season originally. The plans were in place but eventually, the funding didn’t work out. The reason for this is unknown.

It could be because of the falling ratings and viewership of the show. Although season 4 of Good Girls did well, the viewership was a lot less in comparison to seasons 1,2, and 3. Good Girls season 4 averaged 1.5 million viewers approximately but was the least viewed out of all the shows airing on the network at that time.

The show now won’t be picked up by any network, including Netflix, and therefore has to come to a bittersweet end.

There was also some speculation of tension on the set between two of the lead actors- Christina Hendricks (Beth) and Manny Montana (Rio). None of them confirmed or denied this publicly so nobody knows what is true.

Apparently, Manny also refused to lower his salary while the rest of the cast agreed to do so. Due to budgetary concerns, this had to be done. However, since Manny didn’t agree, this didn’t work out either. Ultimately, it had to end.

It’s time to say goodbye to the Good Girls!