Jennifer Lopez Says She Would NEVER MARRY Ben Affleck, Here’s What She Means

After really long, we have once again spotted Jennifer Lopez with his ex-fiance, Ben Affleck! The couple were not in touch for many years, but are now again back together! Well, recently we have heard that the sizzling hot Jennifer Lopez doesn’t really want to get married to Ben! Is it true? Stay tuned with us to know about the hot celebrity gossip, just right here!

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck: Relationship Timeline!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck initially had started dating back in the year 2001. The couple were together for almost a year and a half! Both were shooting for the film Gigli, and that’s where all of it started! In fact, reports even say Lopez had divorced her second husband, Cris Judd, just to be with Ben Affleck!

Not much later, but in November 2002, we heard that Ben proposed to Jennifer with a big giant a 6.1-carat pink diamond ring! The couple got engaged! Well, after one year, in September 2003, we heard that the celebrity couple have finally decided on their wedding knot. But just before a few days to the big event, the pair decided to call off their relationship! The reason for their breakup was not out until 2008!

Finally after their break up, five years later, Ben opened up about his breakup with Jennifer Lopez. According to him, they were not that much in love with one another! In fact, he thought, that both of them out of curiosity and excitement were just exploring one another. A few years back, in 2016, we saw Lopez in an interview, where she said that the media involvement had made her relationship with Ben bitter! But in contrast to Ben, Lopez said that she genuinely think there was deep love between her and Ben!

The Fire Is Again There, Jen Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Spotted Together!

The spark between the couple had been spotted since the beginning of this year, particularly during the month of May! The couple was spotted again together, that too after a decade! Not only that but the pair had also taken a vacation together! They were together in Montana. After a 20 year long split, there was a clear re-spark between the couple.

Looks like things are more serious this time! Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck not only go for romantic dinner and lunch dates but the couple also work out together! Fans definitely think the couple is inseparable! Jennifer Lopez is also seen as really happy these days. The couple looks very cute together, not only in their social media handles but also in real life. The chemistry and love between the two, clearly speaks out to us! Well, that’s not the ending, but we have also seen that the couple has decided to move in together!

Lopez Said She Won’t Get Married To Ben Again! What Does She Mean By That?

Recently in an exclusive interview, Lopez spoke about her view on marriage. She still believes in happily ever after and also thinks that if you find the right one, then the marriage can even do wonders. Lopez also said, she is really happy with Ben but is currently not planning to get married to him. Both of them are at a lovely pace and they want to know each other more. The couple needs time to explore more about themselves. Thus currently, they are not worried about their wedding.

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