What you need to know and how to increase your level of play in Apex Legends

Apex, one of the most vibrant and dynamic projects in the battle royale genre, which takes its place in the niche of e-sports and offers players not a simple element of confrontation and the search for weapons, but the selection and use of agents who have unique skills that greatly simplify apex boost with the right choice.

The number of agents is very large and at the first stage of training it is important not to overdo it and use only those heroes whose mechanics you understand and can use, at least at the start.

What is Apex Legends

This is a battle royale shooter that uses a system of agents with their unique skills, but in general they use standard mechanics of shooting, obtaining weapons, ammo, equipment to enhance weapons, medicine and armor replenishment items, grenades and other things.

Apex differs from other projects in the battle royale genre in its dynamism. All matches take place quickly and brightly, in particular, not only due to the reduced format of the maps, but also due to various unique skills that add speed, create portals, install trampolines and other tools to quickly overcome the map.

For those players who may feel that the project is overloaded with arcade and Apex boosting will be complicated – the goals and objectives for the match remain unchanged, so in any case you will need to come to the point of the final battle and find out who will receive top 1 status in the current match.

Agent system and selection of the best to start

As you already understand, boosting in Apex Legends goes through a system of agents, each of whom has at least two skills that can be used in battle and have a huge impact on its outcome.

It’s worth choosing to master light agents first and gradually choosing new ones, expanding your pool.


A character who can afford to leave the battle if necessary, or create two interconnected points on the map in order to freely move between them.

It must be remembered that when going into invisibility mode, or more precisely into another dimension, the character will not be able to attack, and some heroes will be able to see him and understand at what point the hero will leave this state and be vulnerable again.


This is a character who is a professional tracker and a master at finding enemies, even those who are hiding and use unique skills.

You will be able to see the traces of your opponents and their latest recent activity, or use a unique skill that will highlight all the enemies around you.


A hero who is both a defender and an attacking hero.

You will be able to use an active defensive skill that will create a special dome that will cover the character and all allies who are within its radius.

The second unique skill will be the ability to choose the point at which artillery fire will be launched, which opens up several use cases for team and single play. You will be able to knock enemies out of defense, or defend yourself, covering one of the most dangerous directions.


A drone master and agent who can use these devices to free up his hands and deliver first aid kits to himself and his allies, conduct reconnaissance of targets and, most importantly, be able to raise a teammate not with his own hands, but with the help of a drone device.


A master of confusion on the battlefield, because if necessary, he can lay down smoke that will reduce the visibility of both the characters and the enemies as a whole, which opens up paths and scenarios for a safe attack, or vice versa, retreat, collecting loot and airdrops, where the only option that The enemies will still have the usual lumbago.

The hero is more of a team hero than a solo hero, because he can also use personal acceleration and, paired with smoke, it is difficult to imagine your boosting Apex Legends rating alone.


An ideal assistant for a group and a single game, since it can reach and climb literally any object and hill and build a bridge using a cable, along which your allies can easily cross.


The second most simple and understandable hero after Lifelane, who allows you to make mistakes on the battlefield and independently generate all your resources.

He will be able to receive ammo and find valuable items inside cases in a match, and gradually regenerate his health while he is in battle. You can also use stimulants to speed up your movement, but this will regularly cost you health.

Without exaggeration, this is the best agent for starting the game and boosting in Apex, since it allows you to make maximum mistakes and regenerate without special resources.


A hero who places traps that deal damage and puts up protective screens to reduce their visibility to opponents.

A kind of analogue of the miner from Dota 2, but at the same time, agents like Bloodhound can see such tricks if they are attentive.

Tips for progressing in the Apex Legends rankings

Always analyze your drop zone

From the first seconds, many players fly to large loot collection points and, of course, bet on pure gamble – whoever is lucky enough to land and find more valuable weapons, the more likely they are to survive the massacre that will begin in just a couple of minutes.

On the one hand, this is a way out, because you don’t waste a lot of time and immediately rely on a quick outcome. You either destroy your opponents and continue to the top 1 with full equipment and try to finish the match in your favor, or take the highest possible position, or you quickly die and immediately go look for a new match.

Choose average locations, where there will never be many enemies, but there will be more or less starting loot.

Small zones are practically idealess, and if you are unlucky with a weapon, you will spend part of the match looking for a replacement and risk losing to a normally equipped hero.

More zones, on the contrary, are full of risks and are not very suitable for beginners, except perhaps adventurers.

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