Is Vivica Fox Related to Rick Fox? The Truth About the Two Stars

Vivica A. Fox and Rick Fox are two of the most recognizable names in Hollywood, but are they related by blood or marriage? The answer is no, they are not. Despite sharing a surname and a profession, the two stars have no familial connection whatsoever. Here is everything you need to know about Vivica Fox and Rick Fox, and how they crossed paths in their careers.

Who is Vivica A. Fox?

Vivica A. Fox is an American actress, producer, and television host who was born on July 30, 1964, in South Bend, Indiana. She began her career as a dancer on Soul Train in the early 1980s, and then transitioned to acting with roles on soap operas like Days of Our Lives and Generations. She rose to fame in the 1990s with blockbuster movies like Independence Day and Set It Off, and has since starred in films like Soul Food, Kill Bill, and Two Can Play That Game. She has also appeared on TV shows like Out All Night, Missing, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Empire, and The Celebrity Apprentice. She is currently the host of the syndicated talk show Face the Truth.

Who is Rick Fox?

Rick Fox is a Canadian actor and former basketball player who was born on July 24, 1969, in Toronto, Ontario. He played college basketball for the North Carolina Tar Heels, and was drafted by the Boston Celtics in the 1991 NBA draft. He played for the Celtics for six seasons, before joining the Los Angeles Lakers in 1997. He won three NBA championships with the Lakers from 2000 to 2002, and retired from basketball in 2004. He then pursued an acting career, appearing in films like He Got Game, Holes, Meet the Browns, and Dope. He has also starred on TV shows like Oz, One Tree Hill, Ugly Betty, The Game, Greenleaf, and All Rise. He was previously married to actress and singer Vanessa Williams from 1999 to 2005.

How are Vivica A. Fox and Rick Fox connected?

Vivica A. Fox and Rick Fox have never been in a relationship. Since her divorce from singer Christopher Harvest in 2002, the Kill Bill actress has not walked down the aisle again. She has dated rapper 50 Cent, actor Omar White, and entrepreneur Slimm among others. Rick Fox was married to Vanessa Williams for six years, and they have a daughter named Sasha. He has also dated actress Eliza Dushku, model AnnaLynne McCord, and actress Kristin Chenoweth.

The only connection between Vivica A. Fox and Rick Fox is that they worked together on a TV show called 1-800-Missing in 2003. According to Wikipedia, Rick Fox played the role of Eric Renard over five episodes on the first season of the crime drama starring Vivica A. Fox. They have not collaborated on any other project since then.


Vivica A. Fox and Rick Fox are not related by blood or marriage. They are both successful actors who have had impressive careers in Hollywood and beyond. They share a common surname and a passion for their craft, but that is where their similarities end.

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