The Tragic Story of Trouble T-Roy: How a Hip-Hop Dancer Lost His Life in a Freak Accident

Trouble T-Roy was a hip-hop dancer who rose to fame as a member of Heavy D and the Boyz, a rap group from Mount Vernon, New York. He was known for his energetic and charismatic moves on stage, as well as his friendship with the group’s leader, Heavy D. Trouble T-Roy’s life was cut short in 1990, when he fell from a ramp outside a concert venue and died from his injuries. He was only 22 years old.

Trouble T-Roy’s Early Life and Career

Trouble T-Roy, whose real name was Troy Dixon, was born on October 19, 1967, in Mount Vernon, New York. He grew up in a musical family, as his father was a jazz musician and his mother was a singer. He developed a passion for hip-hop and dancing at an early age, and joined a local breakdancing crew called the Untouchables. He also became friends with Dwight Myers, better known as Heavy D, who lived in the same neighborhood.

Heavy D formed a rap group with his friends Eddie F, G-Whiz, and DJ Timmy Tim in 1986, and named it Heavy D and the Boyz. He invited Trouble T-Roy to join the group as a dancer, along with another dancer named Big Daddy Kane. Trouble T-Roy accepted the offer, and became an integral part of the group’s live performances. He also appeared in the group’s music videos, such as “Mr. Big Stuff”, “We Got Our Own Thang”, and “Somebody for Me”.

Heavy D and the Boyz signed with Uptown Records, a label that specialized in new jack swing, a fusion of hip-hop and R&B. The group released their debut album, Living Large, in 1987, which was well-received by critics and fans. The group followed up with their second album, Big Tyme, in 1989, which was even more successful, reaching the top of the R&B charts and the top 20 of the Billboard 200. The group also collaborated with other artists, such as Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Al B. Sure.

Trouble T-Roy was enjoying the fame and fortune that came with being a part of one of the hottest rap groups of the late 1980s. He was also a loving father to his daughter, Tantania, who was born in 1989. He had plans to pursue a solo career as a rapper, and had recorded some demos with Pete Rock, a producer and DJ who was also from Mount Vernon.

Trouble T-Roy’s Death and Legacy

On July 14, 1990, Heavy D and the Boyz were on tour in Indianapolis, Indiana, and had just finished performing at the Market Square Arena. The group was hanging out backstage, and decided to have some fun by playing around on a ramp that led to the exit. According to Eddie F, one of the group members rolled a trash barrel down the ramp, and Trouble T-Roy jumped on the ledge of a concrete barrier to avoid it. However, he lost his balance and fell over the side, landing on the ground two stories below. He was rushed to the hospital, but died the next day from the injuries he had suffered.

The news of Trouble T-Roy’s death shocked and saddened the hip-hop community, especially his friends and family. Heavy D and the Boyz dedicated their next album, Peaceful Journey, to his memory in 1991. The album featured a song called “Is It Good to You”, which sampled Trouble T-Roy’s voice from an interview. The album also included a tribute song called “This Is Your Night”, which featured a spoken word poem by Heavy D about his friend.

The most famous tribute to Trouble T-Roy, however, came from Pete Rock and CL Smooth, who released a song called “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” in 1992. The song was based on a sample of a saxophone riff from a song by Tom Scott, and featured lyrics by CL Smooth that reflected on his childhood memories with Trouble T-Roy. The song was a hit, and is widely regarded as one of the best hip-hop songs of all time. The song also inspired other artists to pay homage to Trouble T-Roy, such as Nas, who sampled the song on his track “The World Is Yours”.

Trouble T-Roy’s daughter, Tantania, who was only nine months old when he died, grew up to become a singer and songwriter. She has said that she is proud of her father’s legacy, and that she feels his presence in her life. She has also expressed her gratitude to the artists who have honored her father through their music.

Trouble T-Roy may have had a short life, but he left a lasting impact on hip-hop and dance culture. He was a talented and charismatic performer, who brought joy and energy to the stage. He was also a loyal and loving friend, who inspired others with his passion and spirit. He is remembered as a hip-hop legend, who lives on through his music and his daughter.

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