Is The Boys Actor Antony Starr Joining MCU in an upcoming Project? Rumors Explained

Is Antony Starr joining MCU? This happens to be the most asked question out there. We have already seen his incredible performance in the famous action series, namely, The Boys. There is no denial that he nailed the role of Homelander in the power-packed action superhero series. As of now, fans are curiously waiting for The Boys season 4. Our favorite superhero, Homelander, is highly interested in playing the role of Wolverine in the iconic superhero franchise, MCU! Yes, you heard it right, Antony Starr would like to join MCU! Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Antony Starr Is Ready Join MCU! 

Antony Starr is in high talk. He was recently captured in an exclusive interview and you would be shocked to know his comment on MCU. He is famous in the superhero world as Homelander. But it looks like the actor is aiming for the giant superhero franchise, namely, Marvel Cinematic Universe. Antony Starr would love to play the role of Wolverine! This has surely increased the rumours out there. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is still silent on the gossip out there. But we are expecting to hear from them really soon. MCU is surely looking for a bold action hero! The recruiting for Wolverine is still in process. But can Antony Starr back the iconic role of Wolverine? This happens to be the biggest question out there. There is no denial that he would deliver an extraordinary performance as Wolverine. His fans would love to see him as Wolverine. Well, the ultimate decision still lies with MCU.

Get A Better Look At Wolverine! 

Antony Starr’s comment has turned the table for MCU. Wolverine happens to be an integral part of the X-Men series. We have seen the iconic superhero several times in Hugh Jackman’s famous action movies. X-Men has always stood separate from MCU, but history has changed as Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox clearly showcased a bright future for MCU!

Welcome the mutants from the superhero universe! The acquisition clearly signaled the arrival of new superhero mutants in the MCU. Thus, the stage is open for Wolverine. MCU clearly has a big space open for Wolverine. There is a high chance that Wolverine’s mutant will reappear in future Marvel movies and series. Not only Antony Starr, but many famous actors would like to star in MCU. All are lining up for Wolverine.

Antony Starr’s Love And Affection For Wolverine! 

Antony Starr is really excited and pumped for The Boys season 4. We have recently witnessed the second last episode of The Boys season 3. Currently, fans are curiously waiting for the last episode of The Boys season 3. In the same interview, Antony Starr was asked about his future movie plans. Marvel Cinematic Universe is surely on his wish list. He wants to be an integral part of the prestigious superhero franchise. He is still learning a lot from famous action movies.

Antony Starr is aiming to level up his acting skills and what is better for him, more than Wolverine? Antony Starr has seen most of the Wolverine movies out there. He is deeply in love with the superhero character. Stepping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a golden opportunity for Antony! His affection and love for Wolverine clearly show his innate attraction to MCU. But he is still highly devoted to his current Amazon Prime series! He is all set and ready to face his future! He is still very much new in the cinema industry and he can’t wait to learn more about the industry.

Starr has won a ton of hearts out there. After all, who is not a fan of Homelander? The Boys season 3 is currently running on Amazon Prime. If you still haven’t binged on The Boys, then what are you waiting for? All the seasons of the show are currently streaming online. The audience is highly excited to learn more about Homelander. Antony Starr is shining in the superhero world. We are hoping to see him soon in the giant superhero franchise, MCU. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on celebrities, stay connected with us, just right here.

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